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the project

Girls Rock Pine Ridge is looking to raise funds for our Summer 2020 camp. Founded in 2016, we've held camp for three years, 2016, 2017, and 2019. We're hoping to create a more dynamic environment for the campers this year and continue to grow every year after. With funds raised we will fix the GRPR's instruments, cords, and amps so they'll be ready for our 5 days of rocking! We are also planning to bring more workshop leaders, local bands, and volunteers to the camp this year. Pine Ridge is incredibly rural and we'd love to be able to offer financial compensation to our guests who will be teaching and sharing their stories!

In order for campers to attend we would like to provide transportation, to and from the campers' homes in Porcupine and Kyle. Both are about a half hour trip each way, in opposite directions. We want ensure that all of the youth in Pine Ridge have access to the camp and this can be one of the most inhibiting factors. One of our goals for camp 2020 is to rent vans in order to transport more campers each day, and to return them to their homes after camp. 

Camp provides 5-days of instrument instruction, band practice, a lot of karaoke in addition to breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Each day we'll have up to two workshops ranging from beadwork, zine making, t-shirt design, journaling and storytelling. Each day a local band is invited to meet and perform for the campers as well. We provide materials for these workshops, all food for the day, and compensation for our guests. Girls Rock Pine Ridge would love to provide the girls with more access to interaction with indigenous artists, including hoop dancers, painters, and musicians. Please help us raise the funds to do so!

the steps

March 2020: Begin gathering instruments, either by donation or by purchasing.

                   Visit Pine Ridge schools and community events to reach out to community members and elders.

April 2020: Begin booking workshop instructors and entertainment.

                Continue reaching out to community members including hosting talking circles in order to bring more of the community goals into camp.

                Recruit Campers and Volunteers via promotional materials and school visits.

May-July 2020: In these last couple of months before camp we will update our instruments (drum heads, replace strings, etc.), ensure our transportation and venue are both paid for and ready for use, reach out to all campers and their families about what to expect, as well as volunteers.

Money raised will go towards compensating visiting artists, workshop leaders and volunteers. The volunteers who attend camp will be helping teach and care for 14-20 children each day from 7am until 5pm, for 5-days. They will also be moving instruments from one room to another, cooking, and cleaning. The money will also be used for materials for the 10 workshops hosted throughout the week, and food costs. 

why we're doing it

Girls Rock Pine Ridge empowers Idigenous youth to use their voices in a positive way. The Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota people of this area have cultivated the land and survived unspeakable acts of colonization, and our children are the celebration of survival of our people. Music is just the undercurrent of a movement at Girls Rock Pine Ridge, together we create an environment that holds space for the voices of Indigenous youth, Indigenous creation, and the next generation of empowered, strong, and empathetic Indigenous leaders.


Disbursed budget:

Item Budgeted
Workshop Supplies (based on 2017 Workshops)  
Basic craft supplies (scissors, glue, paper, markers, pencils etc) (this covers many workshops) $100
Composition notebooks  $30
Beading supplies (multiple workshops) $100
Location of Camp 2019 Pine Ridge Girl's School $150
2 meals and snack, 5 days, 30 people per day $1,000
Print advertising supplies $20
Camp zine supplies $20
Band Posters and space decor $20
CDs $20
Workshop Leader ($30/hr) x10 $300
Lunchtime Performer ($25 gas money) x5 $125
Instrument Instruction (Guitar) ($20/hr) x5 $100
Instrument Instruction (Drums) ($20/hr) x5 $100
Instrument Instruction (Vocals) ($20/hr) x5 $100
Instrument Instruction (Bass) ($20/hr) x5 $100
Director ($300) x3 $900
Total Cost of Camp 2019 $3,185

Total cost of instruments $5,853

TOTAL RAISED = $10,502.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $315.06

Original Budget:

2 Meals + Snacks for 30 campers/volunteers for 5 days- $1,700

Beading and Art Supplies for workshops- $300

Building Rental for Camp- $200

Workshop Leaders/Instrument Instructors (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals) for 5 days- $825

Instrumental Needs (strings, cords, replacement instruments)- $975

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $125


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