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the project

Our project is a focused initiative to provide financial aid to parents within underserved communities who are embroiled in legal battles for their children's welfare and future. We understand the financial barriers they face in seeking fair legal representation, and we aim to level the playing field through community-supported funding. Our mission isn't just limited to individual assistance. We also strive to foster a more equitable legal system where justice isn't restricted by financial capacity. By enabling access to rightful legal support, we're promoting social justice and fairness. Furthermore, we believe this grassroots approach to addressing social problems can lead to broader societal changes, contributing to a stronger, more resilient, and compassionate community. In essence, we aim to uplift and empower vulnerable families, helping them secure a brighter future for their children through collective effort and resource pooling.


In addition to our legal aid initiative, we're also dedicated to creating a holistic support system for these families. We understand that navigating the complexities of a legal battle can be stressful and mentally taxing, so we aim to provide emotional and educational resources, further aiding parents during these challenging times. As part of our wider objective, we're committed to fostering a community that values not just environmental sustainability, but also social sustainability and stability. In doing so, we believe that a community with fewer hardships and stressors is more likely to engage in environmentally conscious practices. By focusing on these interconnected issues, we're striving to cultivate a more balanced, supportive, and ultimately resilient community that can weather any storm together.


Here's how you can contribute:

  1. Financial Donations: Your monetary contributions will directly support their legal expenses.
  2. Spread the Word: Please share this message with your friends, family, and acquaintances to raise awareness about this pressing matter.
  3. Emotional Support: Your empathy and kind words can provide much-needed strength to the parents and their children during this challenging time.

the steps

  1. Secure necessary resources for the family (clothes, food security, etc.)
  2. Secure housing
  3. Team recruitment for further resources 
  4. Set up project communication channels 
  5. Initiate project “Get Back Home” for the mother and children
  6. Monitor families progress and adjustments
  7.  Quality assurance and risk management 
  8. Evaluation and improvement
  9.  Project closure and documentation 

why we're doing it

Our R.O.C Team is dedicated to addressing a pressing social problem in an underserved neighborhood. Our project focuses on providing support and resources to parents who are facing challenging legal battles for the well-being and future of their children. We understand that many parents in marginalized communities encounter financial barriers when seeking legal representation to protect their children's rights. To empower these parents, we aim to offer financial aid through community contributions, ensuring their children's best interests are safeguarded and providing them with a fair chance at a brighter future.

Moreover, our project fosters a strong sense of community solidarity. We encourage neighbors and friends to rally around these parents and their children, fostering social cohesion and building a more empathetic community. From an economic perspective, we believe that relieving struggling parents from the financial burden of mounting legal fees and court costs can prevent further distress, allowing them to focus on providing a stable home environment that positively impacts the community's overall well-being and productivity.

Additionally, we strive for a more equitable legal system where access to justice is not limited by financial constraints. By advocating for these parents' rights and ensuring they have legal representation, we promote social justice and fairness within the neighborhood or city. While we may not directly address environmental issues, we acknowledge that supporting families and reducing stress and instability indirectly contribute to a healthier community. A stable and supportive community is more likely to engage in environmentally conscious practices, fostering a more sustainable and eco-friendly neighborhood or city in the long run.

Our R.O.C Team's motivation and passion stem from a deep sense of empathy and a commitment to social justice. We recognize the challenges faced by parents in underserved neighborhoods who are fighting legal battles for their children's well-being. Our team firmly believes that every parent should have equal access to legal support and resources, regardless of their financial situation. Witnessing the struggles and hardships faced by these families, we are driven to make a tangible difference in their lives by providing financial aid and support, empowering parents to protect their children's best interests and create a more stable and secure environment for them.

We are fueled by the understanding that when parents have the necessary resources to navigate the legal system, it profoundly impacts their children's future. We are determined to ensure that no parent feels helpless or powerless in safeguarding their children's rights and well-being. Our motivation is amplified by the potential of community solidarity and the transformative power of collective support. We see this project as an opportunity to unite neighbors, friends, and community members who share our values and want to make a meaningful difference in the lives of these families. Building a stronger, more compassionate community lies at the core of our vision.

Additionally, we firmly believe that addressing social problems at the grassroots level can lead to broader positive changes in society. Our advocacy for equitable access to legal support aims to contribute to a more just and fair legal system, where every parent's voice is heard, and their rights are protected. In essence, our team's motivation and passion are driven by our genuine desire to uplift and support vulnerable families, enabling them to create a better future for their children. We are committed to channeling our energy, skills, and resources to make a meaningful impact, knowing that collective efforts can lead to a stronger, more resilient, and compassionate community.


Disbursed budget:

Budget costs for one mother in sanctuary during legal proceedings:

  • 2 months of safe, temporary housing security: $2018.20 
  • Transportation: $2000
  • Sense of dignity (No cost, but your support helps this!
TOTAL RAISED $4,528.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee 8% $362.24
ioby Donation Processing Fee 4% $147.56


Original budget:

Budget costs for one mother in sanctuary during legal proceedings:

  • 2 months of safe, temporary housing security: $2000 
  • Transportation: $2000
  • Sense of dignity (No cost, but your support helps this!


ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee 8% $356.35
ioby Donation Processing Fee 4% $98.00
TOTAL TO RAISE $4,454.34



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