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Thank you APAPA (Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs) Sacramento for becoming a Right On! sponsor

the project

When I was 6 years old walking from Charles Mack elementary school I was always scared. At least once a week, kids would yell at me, 'Hey Chink, go back to where you came from!' When I approached our house on Cedarwood Way, our mail had been ripped up (again) and tossed onto the ground. One time watermelon rinds were thrown at our garage door and another time it was tagged with spray paint.  (It was not the first nor last time they would vandalize our house) A gang of kids across the street who had finished eating the melon glared at me and my sister and then they walked over and proceeded to play football on our lawn. We were too young and helpless to confront their hateful violations. Later we watched out parents pick up our torn mail and silently clean up the mess our neighbors had made. - Angie Eng

Our political voices may be quieter on the streets or in the media but hate crimes against Asians persist. Join us in transforming hate and ignorance into compassion and understanding. Right On! is a social justice art event. Activists stand as human billboards. They will wear t-shirts with dates from Supreme court cases of the last 150 years targeting Asians living in America. Drummers from different AAPI traditional cultures set the tone for each of the four groups participating in the procession. As the moving billboard goes down Capital Mall, history flows and shows how racism written into our system can also be written out. 

Register to participate in the procession here

More information Right On! Social Justice art event to Stop Asian hate 

the steps

October-November 2022
IOBY Fundraiser 
Organize volunteer team
Webpage/sponsorship deck
Style sheet for promo/outreach

December  2022
IOBY Fundraiser 
Locate marketing volunteer
Get 5 coordinators for walking groups
Organize musicians/concert
Get corporate sponsors
Social media pages

January 2023
Flyer and t-shirt campaign design production
Organize/confirm 75 participants for the walk
Get 30+ organizational representation for walk
Get 4 volunteers for info/outreach booth
Locate documentors
Write press release

February 2023
Marketing to press (magazines/) (Feb 1version 1, Feb 15th version 2) 
Social media marketing 
Order t-shirts (end of Feb) 
Confirm 150 walkers Feb 28th
Produce 8 more civil rights plaques
Order flyers

March 2023
Confirm all walkers March 10th
Coordinators contact their groups March 12th
Right On! event: March 25, 2023 (Rain date April 1) 
Document social justice walk

April 2023
Follow up reporting
Edit video document

why we're doing it

We believe that through creative strategies and education we can transform ignorance and hate into compassion. By tracing systemic racism in a creative silent walk, we hope to fill the gaps in education that our history books have omitted to leave millions in the dark.' Right On!' has us revisit the struggle of civil rights for Asians in America to inspire more followers on the path of equity and justice for all. #righton_civilrights


Disbursed budget 2-28-2023:


Personnel $18,453.54

Marketing $4,600

Materials $250

Fees $200

Rentals $600



TOTAL RAISED = $24,472.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $368.46



Original budget:

Admin $9,000
Marketing $6,200
Musicians $3,000
PA tech engineer $500
Sign language interpreter $350
Marketing $5,100
Materials $400
Special permit $50
Fundraising $850
Insurance $400
Rentals $600

In-kind donations: $1,450

Amount still needed $25,000

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) Waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)

Donation processing fees apply to donations only. 100% of match funding goes to projects. Please note, fees are estimated here and final numbers may change based on the final amount raised and amount of match funding applied to this campaign.


Thank you APAPA (Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs) Sacramento for becoming a Right On! sponsor

Over 30 participating organizations!

We will have 150 performers in the procession representing over 30 organizations in the AAPI Community. This list includes:

 ACC Senior Services, Adult Buddhist Association, AIM California, Asian Community Center Senior Escort Services, Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs, Asian Pacific Bar Association, Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Student Center of CSUS, Asian Pacific Youth Leadership Program, Asian Resources Inc., APIDA Center (CSUS), Chinese American Council of Sacramento, City of Sacramento, Asian Pacific Islander Employee Resource Group, Council of Asian Pacific Islanders Together for Advocacy and Leadership (CAPITAL), Chinese American Council of Sacramento, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Sacramento Valley / Central CA, Democratic Party of Sacramento County, East Bay Area Youth Center - Sacramento, Full Circle Project (CSUS), Hei Gu Chinese Percussion Ensemble, Hmong Innovating Politics, Hmong Youth and Parents United, Hui ‘o Hawaii, LGBTQ Community Center, lu Mien Community Services, Indian Association of Sacramento, Japanese American Citizens League - Sacramento, Marshallese Group, My Sister's House, Sacramento Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce, Sacramento Asian Pacific Cultural Village, Sacramento Iu Mien Association, Project Hmong (CSUS), Sacramento Sikh Temple, Southeast Asian Bar Association of Sacramento (SABA), To’utupu’o e ‘Otu Felenite Association, Inc.

We made our December fundraising goal!!!

Thank you to all the wonderful donors and sponsors for helping us make our goal. We couldn't make this happen without you. We are on our way to showing how powerful the arts are as a tool to promote social justice! Let's transform hate and ignorance into compassion and wisdom. See you March 25th! 

OCA Sacramento joins us as a sponsor

Thank you OCA Sacramento for joining us as a sponsor!

Thank you Sonney L Chong General Dentistry!

Thank you, Sonney L Chong General Dentistry, for being one of our sponsors!

Thank you JACL Florin for being a Right On! sponsor

We are happy to announce that the JACL Florin has joined the Right On! project as one of our sponsors. Thank you JACL Florin for your support!

Thank you to Asian Resources Inc. as a new sponsor

We are happy to announce that Asian Resources Inc. has joined Right On! as one of our event sponsors! 

Thanks to Capital [ Council of Asian Pacific Islanders Together for Advocacy and Leadership] sponsorship!

We are excited that the Council of Asian Pacific Islanders Together for Advocacy and Leadership has joined the Right On! event as one of our sponsors! 

Open call: Volunteers for procession March 25th

Volunteer walkers
We welcome individuals and organization representatives that identify as Asian, AAPI (Asian, Asian American, or Pacific Islander to volunteer to be part of the Right On! procession. If you have questions, see web page Q/A on volunteering and register to volunteer as a walker. We have 125 spots, so space is limited and expected to fill up by January 15th, 2023. To volunteer for other roles besides a walker, such as educational outreach, documentation, marketing, coordination of walkers, or setup/break down please contact us directly: info(at)

Asian Pacific Bar Association becomes a Right On! sponsor

ABAS Foundation

Thank you APBA (Asian Pacific Bar Association) for becoming a Right On! sponsor of the t-shirt printings with a $1000 donation!


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  • A & J Eng Family Trust
  • Anonymous
  • Roger Fong
  • Darren Suen
  • Ervin and Catherine G.
  • Organization of Chinese Americans
  • Carl Burson
  • Nancy and Darrel Woo
  • Julianne
  • Josh K.
  • Anonymous
  • Dova Lewis
  • Pattie Fong
  • Frank A.
  • Sonney Chong DMD
  • Ron and Linda Eng
  • Allan and Virginia Y.
  • Betty and Paul Keller
  • Greg H.
  • Stan S.
  • Yvonne Jung Hatano
  • Clarence K Chu
  • Anita L.
  • Lois V.
  • Anonymous
  • Jeri S.
  • Florin JACL-Sacramento Valley
  • Capital Council of Asian Pacific Islanders
  • ABAS Law Foundation
  • Barbara Takei & Yoshinori Himel
  • Rick W.
  • Dani L.
  • David Kakishiba
  • Michael and Priscilla Jong
  • Lisa J.
  • Tom and Wanda Kato
  • John Y.
  • Honey Lum
  • Minh L.
  • Chinese American Council of Sacramento
  • Sharon Ito
  • Anonymous
  • Cheryl Vannier
  • Jason J.
  • Johnston Lau
  • John Y.
  • Chiaya Rawlins
  • Crystal S.
  • Hach Y.
  • Cheryl L.
  • Jul E.
  • Lydia Deng
  • Lorraine E.
  • Anonymous
  • Carolyn H.
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  • Ceng.Design
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