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A letter from the Richmond Tool Library Team

the project

Imagine having access to all of the tools you see at your local hardware store,  for free. Table saws, electric sanders, drills, and hedge trimmers, ladders, cement mixers, potter’s wheels, and weed eaters… think for a moment how many BIG projects you could take on. Welcome to Richmond’s first-ever public Tool Library.

Our mission is to build a stronger sense of community in Richmond by inviting neighbors to work together on revitalization projects. We want residents to join forces with city partners towards a shared vision and provide them with access to tools to maintain their homes and community gathering spaces. Through this resource we will reinforce local resilience and collective ownership of this beautiful city by the Bay.

Our library will be free but we need funding to get it started. We have a location through Richmond’s Recreation Department, insurance through our fiscal sponsor Urban Tilth, staff through the Love Your Block Initiative, a website through the City of Richmond, and tools from individual donors and Richmond’s Parks Department.

We need to raise $12,598 to outfit the library with a brand new inventory of tools and a newly renovated location to house them. Help us make this campaign a success and we can get our doors open as early as May, 2016!

Tool-gether, we can build a better Richmond.

the steps

May 1st: Purchase and log tools into the Richmond Public Library’s tracking system. (Check out “Budget” tab for all the tools we will buy!)

May 15th: Community work day to paint the library, set up security/check-out system, and build racks to store tools.

May 16th-21st: Staff and volunteer training.

May 31st: Grand Opening!

Ongoing: Tool maintenance and tool maintenance training.

why we're doing it

Richmond’s General Plan states, “After 30 years most housing units show signs of deterioration and need reinvestment to maintain livable conditions. Without proper maintenance, housing that is over 50 years old requires major reinvestment to maintain its quality and appearance. As of 2010, 70.4 percent of Richmond’s housing units were over 30 years old and 48.5 percent were over 50 years old.”

The saying goes, “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” There is nothing that we can do about the lack of upkeep that our housing stock has received but we can begin to reverse that process today.

While many Richmond residents recognize the need to maintain their homes and community spaces, most do not have $400 lying around to spend on a jigsaw or shop vac. The Richmond Tool Library will provide free access to tools that are difficult to store and that residents only need once.

We want to create an unstoppable team made up of residents, nonprofits, and city staff. In the process of repairing our houses and fixing our public spaces, we will increase property values in Richmond, raise the tax base, and grow stronger as a whole.

The tax deductibility of your contribution may be affected by goods or services received. Please contact your financial advisor with questions regarding your donation.



RAISED = $12,743.00
ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
 Payment Processing Fee (3%) $370.14
TOTAL TO DISBURSE = $12,337.86

Details of revised budget here.



Sample Budget for Tool Lending Budget Number Cost per Item Total Cost
Carpentry & Woodworking      
Hammers, various 15 $10 $150
Chalk Line 5 $6 $30
Drills 10 $55 $550
Flat Bar 5 $10 $50
Mallet 10 $9 $90
Level, various 10 $15 $150
Nail Puller 10 $6 $60
Planes, various 7 $50 $350
Prybars, various 7 $12 $84
Saw, dovetail 5 $10 $50
Saw, hand, crosscut 5 $100 $500
Saw, coping 5 $9 $45
Saw, keyhole 5 $15 $75
Saw horses 3 $35 $105
Stud sensor 3 $16 $48
Tack claw 5 $7 $35
Tape measure, various 10 $25 $250
Rolling tape measure 5 $50 $250
Utility Knife 7 $10 $70
Wood chisel, various 7 $12 $84
Pipe clamp 5 $16 $80
Spring clamp 10 $3 $30
C-Clamp 5 $12 $60
Handscrew 3 $25 $75
Bar Clamp 5 $15 $75
Concrete & Masonry      
Cement Mixer, electric 3 $300 $900
Concrete vibrator 3 $250 $750
Demolition Hammer 3 $170 $510
House Jacks 3 $35 $105
Mortar Hoe 5 $25 $125
Rebar Cutter/Bender 5 $260 $1,300
SDS Rotary Hammer 3 $280 $840
Bx Cable Cutter 5 $35 $175
Circuit Tester 5 $12 $60
Conduit Bender, various 5 $50 $250
Extension Cords 7 $12 $84
Fish Tape, various 7 $20 $140
Knock Out Punch Test 3 $150 $450
Soldering Irons 5 $18 $90
Wire Stripper 7 $15 $105


SUBTOTAL = $12,197
ioby Platform Fee $35
Payment Processing Fee of 3%  $366
TOTAL TO RAISE = $12,598



A letter from the Richmond Tool Library Team

Dear generous donors,

Over the past year, this project has moved forward in fits and starts but with the support of the city and individuals like you, our team has been able to overcome obstacles and move towards something that has the potential to make a real impact on the lives of Richmond residents. 

We recognize that our fundraising efforts are just one step along a path and that our ultimate goal will take many years to accomplish but we are enthusiastic and optimistic about that work to come.

Over the course of our soft launch, we've seen the impact that a public resource like this can have on the community as a whole. We will continue to stress the importance of using the tool library to give back and build a better Richmond. We hope you will stay in touch as this project progresses.

On behalf of the Richmond Tool Library Team, thank you so very much.

Warmest regards,

Guadalupe Morales and Kiana Ward

Success with Richmond Public Library Foundation Challenge!!

We succeeded in our Richmond Public Library Foundation Challenge! We directed over 200 likes to their Facebook page AND received $500 in matching donations! A total of $1,000 will be donated to our Tool Library! Thank you Richmond Public Library Foundation!!


This donation will be reflected on our campaign page soon. That means we only have $1,247 left to raise--we are SO CLOSE! Today is the LAST DAY to donate! Please spread the word and let folks know!



If we get 200 people to like the Richmond Public Library Foundation Page, they will donate $500 to our crowdfunding campaign!!! Tight on cash but want to donate? This is your chance! 
1 like = $2.50!! Like their page and then write "done!" in the Richmond Library Foundation Challenge post on this page!!
Want to help us out even more?? Every dollar you donate to our crowdfunding campaign will be MATCHED by the Richmond Library Foundation for up to $500. If you were thinking about donating, now's your chance to double your impact!!

Thank you  Richmond Public Library Foundation!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you so SO MUCH to all who have donated--it means so much to us to have you all believe in this project! We're so happy to reach this milestone!

This tool library was, for many years, merely an idea--now, we're one step closer to that goal. This project has been in the works for many months and to see the incredible progress we've made because of people like YOU in such a short amount of time keeps us moving forward. 

With 14 days left to go in our campaign, we need your help now more than ever! Please continue to spread the word about the Richmond Tool Library. Please share this page with friends and family and let them know they can donate to thr Richmond Tool Library. We only have two weeks left and we want to reach our goal before then! 

Thank you so much for all of your support.


Let's ‪#‎BuildRichmondToolgether‬ 



The Richmond Tool Library Team


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International Pay it Forward Day

For International Pay it Forward Day, the Richmond Tool Library created a special edition animation to encourage folks to support our crowdfunding campaign. You can check that video out here! This is the perfect day to support a public resource like the Richmond Tool Library, which will provide the tools necessary for Richmond residents to repair and improve their homes and community spaces for years to come. They can even pay it forward by borrowing our tools to help someone else out. #PayItForward #RichmondLoveYourBlock #BetterRichmondToolgether 


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