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the project

    As a Cleveland native I have fallen in love with my city. I believe as a community we are fully capable of spreading loving, supporting each other, and create the community we desire to live in.  As one of the founding members of Elements of Internal Movement Non-Profit Organization 501(c)3, I strive to be apart of a positive change in the community through many art forms. We will build a community garden, sanctuary, and amphitheater. We will create an aesthetically pleasing environment for art activities, community events, and wellness opportunities to take place. We will also offer fresh produce to supplement the households in the community. 

    As we build a space for us all to enjoy we strive to incorporate our youth in a major way. Through agriculture leaving experiences, engaging incentives, and fitness activities a group of youth will be empowered to see the change that they can make in the world. As details are planned the youth will be empowered to make decisions and observe as their decisions grow and affect those around them. 

the steps

· May: Preparing the Area for Gardening- laying foundations, enriching the soil, and choosing large vegetation 

· June: Beginning Gardening- Transplanting seedlings and planting larger plants 

· July: Finishing Touches- walkways, sitting area, and amphitheater created

· August: How Things Grow- Wellness activities such as yoga will be facilitated as we continue to assist our plants to grow

· September: Garden Grand Opening- dishes incorporating produce from the garden will be served and local artist will featured

· October: Harvest Fest- warm beverages, and fun activities will be available as community members harvest produce to take home

· November:  Giving Thanks Give Away- Baskets of fresh produce will be given to prepare for thanksgiving


· December: Toy Drive- Toy give away for youth in the community

why we're doing it

In a community still healing from tragic events, neighbour will gain social experiences as we come together and build a space to enjoy each other. Many different strengths are encouraged with building, knowledge of agriculture, and event planning. The project builds bridges by bringing together different community members and organizations with similar goals. The project will pull together neighbors who can not only support each other with the project but daily living. As this group begins to bond a new network of support will be created for those who may be elderly or have other specific needs. Strength in resiliency will increase as the healing abilities of art, meditation, and nature are utilized. The community will not only improve aesthetically but in collectivism. We are creating uplifting memories to soften the blows of others. 


Disbursed Budget 7.24.18

City of Cleveland community garden insurance = $116.50

Raised = $120.00
less ioby Platform Fee waived
less Payment Processing Fee (3%) $3.50
Total to disburse = $116.50

Updated Budget 5.1.18

ioby Platform Fee $35
Donation Processing Fee of 3% $28

Original Budget

$300 for trees and larger plants

$40 for starting plants
$1,300 for garden supplies (including for green house, rain collection system, shovel, dirt, lumber ect.)
$400 for rental of equipment 

$400 for garden grand opening event (food and supplies)

Subtotal = 2,440
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $73
Total to raise = $2,548



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