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the project

Revival Rail Ride is a rail biking experience that will be located in the Cleveland area. Rail biking is repurposing underutilized railways for the purpose of outdoor adventure. Rail biking is biking in a seated position, using a specialized bike. It is very comfortable, requires minimal effort, and riders of all capabilities can participate. People can enjoy our rides by reserving a 2.5-hour time slot for their group of friends or family (4-12 people). During this 2.5 hours the tracks will be reserved for your group, and you can stop along the tracks to read about the history of the area or take pictures of the beautiful scenery we reclaimed. In addition to learning about the history and scenery, our bikes will be equipped with a storage basket which allows for groups to pack things for a nice picnic. 

Part of our project will include cleaning up nature down the path of the tracks. This will include clearing any brush, overgrown plants, and working with a local biologist to plant new beautiful flowers that are native to Ohio. This will provide beautiful scenery that will allow for great pictures, and will also attract some of Ohio's beautiful wildlife as well. The ultimate goal of Revival Rail Ride is to allow Clevelanders to reconnect with the place they call HOME while enjoying the fresh air of the outdoors. 

the steps

Currently, we are doing site selection studies which include working with the railways and the Ohio Department of Transportation to find underutilized railways that we can repurpose. Also included in the site selection studies is the targeting of local small businesses that we can partner with and get involved with Revival Rail Ride. These include breweries, restaurants, and other local small businesses that could be present at the start or finish of the ride to showcase what they have to offer. We have built a 1/4 model of what our bikes will be like, and are currently fundraising to build our first full-size bike. we anticipate these bikes costing $3,300 per quad (x4 riders), and we would like to have 3 of them to allow for groups of 12 to enjoy the experience. 

The summer of 2021 will be a busy one for us at Revival Rail Ride. By the end of June 2021, we would like to have an agreement with a railway to repurpose their underutilized railway. Once the agreement is in place, our conservation efforts will begin by cleaning up the greenery around the tracks and planting the native flowers and plants with the help of a local biologist. 

Currently underway and continuing into summer/fall of 2021 will be our website development and marketing so that our customers can book online and find us. We anticipate being open for business come Mothers Day 2022 so that families can come to enjoy the outdoors with Mom!

why we're doing it

Kunal and I came up with Revival Rail Ride because we love the outdoors, and we love Cleveland. This area has given us both so much that we felt the need to do something to give back. This project is more than just enjoying the outdoors, it is about bringing people together to reconnect with the place they call home. An opportunity to leave the office, leave work, and make lasting memories with their friends and families that they can go back to work & brag about to thier co-workers. Revival Rail Ride is dedicated to involving the local small businesses to make sure that this is a community experience, and that when customers come to ride with us they have the opportunity to experience our partners too. The conservation effort is to ensure that plants native to Ohio are given a chance to thrive, and at the same time we are reviving these railways that would otherwise be sitting empty, rotting away. We look forward to seeing everyone on the tracks and experiencing Cleveland like you never have before!


4 rail bikes costing $5,000 = $20,000
Marketing, website design, licensing, misc cost = $5,000 for a total of $25,000 goal.

ioby Platform Fee     $35
"ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)"    $774
TOTAL TO RAISE =    $25,809
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