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Help our kids get back on track with STEM education after the pandemic!  The pandemic has caused a significant slide in STEM education. According to the Ohio Department of Education, 87% of Ohio districts have seen a decrease in the percent of students scoring proficient or above and students have returned to school with less than 50 percent of their typical learning gains in math and science.

STEM education is vital for the success of our future workforce.  We need to not only be consumers of technology, but producers too!  From using our phones and computers to creating new technology breakthroughs, STEM skills are in demand. It is estimated that the US will have to fill over 3 million STEM jobs by 2025.  Yet, in many cases, younger generations are losing interest in pursuing STEM subjects and careers before reaching their teen years. We will focus on improving students’ STEM skills, demonstrating why these skills are important, and how they can be applied in the real world.


the steps

Our steps will include deciding on the skills to be taught and what software and hardware are necessary to teach those skills at age-appropriate levels.  We will then develop the curriculum and decide on platform(s) for the fun! 

why we're doing it

As part of the pandemic recovery, our students need extra help to reach even the lowest proficiency levels in STEM subjects.  Our classes can help achieve this using educational and fun resources!



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TOTAL RAISED = $4,061.00
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Software Licensing - $1,000

Hardware - $2500

Advertising - $500

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