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the project

Revelry was initially envisioned as a place-keeping project and way to demonstrate the importance of New Orleans arts and culture as driver of economic development and community vibrancy. The project was originally planned to take place within the neighborhood surrounding New Orleans Fairgrounds in conjunction with New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, which has now been postponed to 2021 due to public health concerns. 

Now it feels more important than ever to celebrate the New Orleans resilience by celebrating the culture that provides the foundation for this city. Reacting to a new COVID-19 world the essence of the installation remains the same. When culture is removed what is left? Revelry will place kinetic and vibrant-hued streamer installations on storefronts, homes, and business as a symbol of hope and inspiration during these uncertain times. The project will begin in it’s initial planned fairgrounds neighborhood and other across the city. Revelry will stand in for the music, dancing, and joy that was once celebrated in our streets and serve as a symbol that one day that vibrancy will return. 

Your support will allow us to not only bring Revelry to life, but also put local creatives to work creating a vibrant art installations to support small businesses and serve as a symbol of resilience of the New Orleans community. We have built a team behind Revelry of artists, musicians, waiters, and other gig workers who are amongst the hardest hit by the COVID-19 city-wide closures. As a side benefit, Revelry installations will help draw locals attention to the small businesses, restaurants, coffeeshops, etc. that have faced significant loss of business during the cancellation of spring festivals which remain a key revenue driver for our tourist-based economy. 

Through your support we can create a dynamic and vibrant symbol of the unfailing spirit and resounding resilience of the New Orleans community. 

the steps

Revelry is a time-time-intensive production and the majority of work will be creating and assembling the artwork components within our working studio in advance of neighborhood installation. 

The second largest component of the installation is community outreach and installation placement. Our team will work with businesses and residents to determining installation locations and sites that can be achieved with proper social distancing and comply with current public health priorities. 

Finally, we will work to document the installation - sharing videos and photos with the community to enjoy from the comforts of their own home. 

why we're doing it

Revelry is both an uplifting public art project for the community and way to put artists and creatives to work during a time when the revenue generating oppotunities provided by gigs, festivals, and other large-scale events are cancelled or postponed due to public health priorities. 


Materials - $4,000 

Artists Time +  Install Build - $8,500

Promotion + Community Outreach - $2,500

Project Documentation - $1,000


ioby Platform Fee$35

ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)$496



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