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the project

GreenFeen Organix (GFO) is a woman of color-led, community group focused on waste diversion, waste equity, and environmental justice in the South Bronx (we operate out of a community garden). Through collecting and processing organics from local residents and businesses, GFO will ignite sustainable community-based solutions that strengthen waste equity for Bronx residents.

Even though roughly one-third of the 4 million tons of trash that NYC processes is organics, there is not much opportunity to divert organic waste towards local composting centers. And even if there were, there is little education about how to do so that is accessible to the residents of the South Bronx. GFO is creating an answer to both of these problems. And we need your support to do it!

Your support will not only directly help us as community members create jobs and opportunities for our under-resourced community, but it will also help us facilitate youth leadership development, promote green education and sustainability, and allow community members to be able to invest directly into the health and growth of their own community. All within a community that is been historically neglected when it comes to environmental justice action.

the steps

- Order parts to build/assemble waste to energy machine (Jul-Oct)

- Build electric/bike powered compost screen (Jul) 

- Collect organic waste from local businesses and residents the GreenFeen CLEAN way (starting in Jun)

- Hire 1 youth part time from the local community as Compost Operator (future worker-owner)- Jun

- Hire 1 representative from the local community as Sales/Marketing rep (future worker-owner)- Jun

- Host workshops, tours, and volunteer days at the garden (Jun)

- Invite school and community groups to learn more about NYC Zero Waste goals at our compost education center (Jun-Oct)   


why we're doing it

GFO’s organics collection project will collect and process organic waste locally in order to spread sustainable green practices in the South Bronx through composting and waste diversion.  Our goal is to normalize composting and sustainability, and contribute to Environmental Justice, within the Bronx.


The South Bronx is an Environmental Justice community, meaning that it is in need of action that works towards the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all marginalized people in the enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies. Our project is important for the community because it will contribute to the Environmental Justice action occurring in the South Bronx.


By promoting sustainable activities and behavior and facilitating ways to strengthen community bonds within green spaces, our project is able to address numerous Environmental Justice issues such as low air quality, poor physical health rates, and the lack of input communities have in the decision making processes that affect their neighborhoods.


This project reflects more than people bringing their food scraps to a garden; it is about a community working together to create collective solutions for our under-resourced neighborhoods.  It is about facilitating connections so that community members can share their knowledge of composting and sustainable practices with one another. It is about developing a new way of “being” and “becoming” in which community--and its health--is placed at the center of our ideas of success.




Green Tech Anaerobic Digester (APG Machine) $10,000.00
Electric/Bike Powered Compost Screen $1,000.00
35 Gallon Trash Can w/ Wheels $2,000.00
55 Gallon Tote $1,000.00
Cordless Pressure Washer $250.00
Compost Operator (PT) local teen $20,000.00
Sales/Marketing (PT) local from Environmental Justice community $20,000.00

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $1,547
TOTAL TO RAISE = $51,582



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