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After years of location instability, Recess Cleveland is looking forward to bringing our COVID-friendly pop-up game shop we would like to call The Fun Lab. Recess Cleveland needs your help making our new event space fun and COVID safe as we continue to develop fun socially distanced games that families can play during the COVID pandemic.  To address the issues of social isolation, loneliness, and essential relationship development skills lost during the COVID pandemic, our Fun Lab will feature a "Glow in the Dark" art therapy and music experience, two large group game areas, two photo booth areas, a "Freecess" (aka an unorganized play or free recess play) area, and an indoor skating rink (run by our good partners and now roommates...the RollinBuckeyez Foundation).  Recess Cleveland will provide FREE/low-cost socially distanced programming in small groups at the Fun Labs during the off-peak times and to keep the space sustainable we'll offer pay-to-play access to the public on weekends (price: TBD).  

What games will be played in the Fun Lab? Well, no two visits to the Fun Lab will be alike as there will be multiple games and contests in rotation.  Currently, games and contest may include: Angry Birds (Life Size), Angry Humans, Battle Ball, Battle Lights, Battle Lights on Skates, Connect 4 Golf, Doctor Dodgeball, Dodgeball, Dodgeball Fire, Double Dutching, Fowling, Freecess, Gellyball, Giant Bubble Station, Hula , Hooping, Joust, Jump Roping, Mini Golf, Photo Booth, Ping Pong Ball Challenge, Precision Passing, Quick Hands (Battle Lights Game), Reverse Dodgeball, Tank Wars, Team Tic-Tac-Toe, Tug-o-War, Whack-a-Lite, Zombie Dodgeball, Zorb Basketball, Zorb Dodgeball, Zorb Hamster Racing, Capture the Flag, "Glow in the Dark" Capture the Flag, "Rage in the Cage" Dodgeball, Human Foosball, Adult Bounce House games, Zorb Track Racing, All Around the World, Art Therapy, Battle Paper Rock Scissors aka Hula Hop Showdown, Bounce House Dodgeball, Bounce House Volleyball, Connect 4 Basketball, Dribble Knockout, Four Square, Giant Pool, Hippity Hop Racing, Hoverboard Racing, HoverKart Racing, Hula Hoop Ring Toss, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Knockout Football, Obstacle Course Racing, Toddler Town, Tug-O-War Basketball, Capture the Light, Infiltration, Simon Sez

...but more will be added as we continue to develop new games.

Please share this campaign with your family and friends.  Anyone who donates gets special gifts in return.


the steps

Prepare the Fun Lab Space ---> Starting end of February

Develop a social media Campaign for Fun Lab Space --->  Starting Beginning of August

Finish prep of Fun Lab Space ---> Beginning of September

Invite Play Champions and Donors to test Fun Lab space and create marketing videos ---> Mid-September

Public Launch of Fun Lab Space ---> TBD

why we're doing it

According to new research, commissioned by The Genius of Play and conducted by OnePoll, seven in 10 parents surveyed believe spending a year in COVID quarantine will have long-term effects on their child’s growth and development.  68% of parents believe that their child's social skills were stunted as a result of spending so much time in isolation because of COVID.  72% of parents said they believe during 2020 their child was lonelier than ever before due to COVID and felt that carried over into their own lives as 58 percent said they, too, felt lonelier than ever during the COVID pandemic.



Air Scrubbers (equipped with UV-C light to eliminate COVID in the air) - $800

Cleaning Supplies and Equipment (Cordless Foggers, Cleaners, Room Sanitizer and Disinfectant) - $700

PPE (Face Shields, Masks, Hand Sanitizer, etc) - $600

Standard UV Lights (also helps eliminate germs) and Supplies (Stickers, Paint, Lights, Glow Sticks, etc) - $2000

Play Equipment (Dodgeballs, Footballs, Pool Noodles, Sand, etc) - $2000

Marketing (Banners, T-Shirts, Social Media Boosts) - $1100

Forty 55 Gallon Water Containers - $400

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ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)

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