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146th Avenue between 147th Avenue and 184th Street
Queens (Springfield Gardens)
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A brief 2011 recap from Springfield Park

the project

Cleaning up Springfield Gardens Park where community residents can have access to the park and lake and enjoy the beauty of the environment. Will be able to access the park for riding their bicycles, jogging and taking strolls. Plan to clean and remove old paint from our bridges that over path the lake.

the steps

We will be working along with the local school children and local organizations in the community to keep the park clean. Students will learn more on environment and the scientific level on keeping the environment clean and safe.

why we're doing it

Springfield Gardens Park needs to be clean-up from mounts of debris and broken bottles, debris of household items abundance of animal waste that need to be removed. Create a dog walk path for dog owners to be more aware of the health hazard. Plant trees, flowers and shrubs to restore the park and the upkeep of its beautification.


3 Push Brooms @ $20 = $60 2 Fan Rakes @ $30 each= $60 2 Cultivators @$30 each=$60 Project Total: $180.00 3% credit card processing fee: $5.40 5% ioby physical sponsorship fee: $9.00 Total to Raise: $194.40


A brief 2011 recap from Springfield Park

In April and in October 2011 we had two It’s My Park Day”.  We had several students from our neighborhood school Junior High School 231 under the leadership of their teacher, Mrs. Cassandra De Pass to help us plant daffodils and tulips bulbs.  We also had various residents in the community coming out to assist in the planting.  These were major improvements in the community and this has been a great accomplishment for our neighborhood.  After the planting of the daffodils and tulips were served refreshments and took several photos of our group.  We would like to continue other projects in our park in the coming year and welcome funding from individuals.




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