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(Coney Island- West End)
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the project

Coney Island has a long history of attracting tourist from all over the world to enjoy the glitz and glam, fun attractions and amazing beach and boardwalk. There is another part to Coney Island that does not get as much attention or isn't as glamorous where beautiful BIPOC families live, work, attend school and enjoy leisure activities. This part of Coney Island is called the West End. The West End isn't as attractive as the amusement district and sometimes gets overlooked. We are passionate about making the West End of Coney Island as attractive as the Amusement District to bring people to discover the hidden culture, talent, history that lives blocks from the famous Steeple Chase. Through our Representation Matters Murals we will not only attract more tourist and beautify the community, it will give the community a sense of identity, acknowledgement and hope for the youth.   

the steps

December 2022- Complete Fundraising

January 2023- Open Call for Muralist

February 2023- Contract Muralist

March 2023- Open Call for Youth Artist Apprenticeship

April 2023- Apprenticeship Training

May 2023- Supplies & Tool Procurement

June 2023- Purchase Supplies & Tools

July 2023- Representation Matters Murals Phase I- (signed agreements and identifying representative art pieces)

August 2023- Representation Matters Murals Phase II- (Paint to Canvas- Begin Making History)

September 2023- Representation Matters Murals Phase III- (Making Magic- Honoring Legacy)

October 2023- Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

why we're doing it

Creating Representative Murals at the West End of Coney Island will bring attention to the overlooked population on Coney Island. Adding an attraction to the neighborhood will dramatically affect the economy; attracting new local businesses and new customers to already existing businesses. Introducing representative murals will give autonomy to the BIPOC families who reside on the West End of Coney Island. These murals will influence generations to strive for their dreams. Representative Murals will assist in socialization which will contribute to increased self-worth and decreased senseless acts of violence. Creating these murals will give opportunities to aspiring artist, new generation practitioners for on the job training.


3 Muralist- $15,000

Paint Supplies- $8,000

15 Mentee Awards-  $5,000

Videographer- $1,000

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony- $1,000


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