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the project

This project seeks to restore the bust itself and a plaque, which commemorates el Centro Mexicano. To this end, the City of Sacramento office of Park Planning and Development has allocated in its current budget the creation of a small plaza, with new trees, benches, and a new pedestal for the bust. Frostad Atelier Foundry will do the restoration of the bust and the plaques with the help of sponsorships.

The memorial is also a symbol of dignity, respect, and recognition of the Mexican population in California and its location has become a meeting place for the community. In order to continue honoring the legacy of this monumental bust, a revitalization project underway has the support and sponsorship of many important strategic allies including the City of Sacramento offices of Art and Culture and Park Planning and Development, Councilmembers Katie Valenzuela and Erik Guerra; the Consulate General of Mexico in Sacramento; the Mexican Cultural Center of Northern California; and Cien Amigos civic organization.

the steps

  • Fundraising October and November of 2022
  • Demolition will start October 31st 2022
  • Restoration of bust and plaques November and December of 2022
  • Plaza built and installation of monument and bust March 2023
  • Celebration of unveiling May 5th of 2023

why we're doing it

The bust of Miguel Hidalgo, located in South Side Park in the city of Sacramento, was donated by the Heredia Family from Roseville in 1982. That same year, Consul General Carlos Ferrer unveiled the memorial as part of the celebrations of Mexican Independence. Since then, the bust has been vandalized and deteriorated as a result. It reflects poorly on the importance of this historical figure and our goal is to restore the bust to it's former glory. 


  • De-install 3 sculptures - $5,800
  • Restoration #1 Bust, #2 and 3 Bas Relief, #4 Build Base - $16,100
  • Installation and mounting - $6,500
  • Benches - $5,000
  • Additional Landscaping - $1,600


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  • Carolina and Verne Gore
  • Vanir
  • Consuelo & Ana Maria Herrera
  • Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Elva & Marco Rodriguez
  • Familia Ferrer Silva
  • Norma M.
  • Andrea G.
  • Manuel & Sandra Ruedas
  • Cien Amigos
  • Caroline C
  • Mexican Cultural Center of Northern California
  • Barbara M.
  • James G.
  • Angelina D.
  • LaMattina Familia