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New Lots Ave between Cleveland St. and Elton st.
Brooklyn (East New York)
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Deep Gratitude!

the project

Fostering a powerful interplay between the arts and entrepreneurship, ARTs East New York’s [re]New Lots: Artist Incubator & Vendor Market project utilizes recycled shipping containers to transform vacant property into burgeoning neighborhood hubs hosting below market rate storefronts and artist studios. The shipping containers will transform into...


*Urban Gardens

*Green Roofs

*A Wellness Center, 

*Office Spaces, 

*A Movie Screening area

*Performance Arts Studios 

*A Music Recording Studio

*A 3D Printing/ Fashion Lab

*Children's Play Area

*A Shared Kitchen/Pantry 


Each shipping container will run on solar energy, building a more sustainable community space by using alternative power sources. Through a partnership with the New York City Department of City Planning, [re]New Lots Phase II will also be home to CivLab, a workshop and exhibition space dedicated to engagement with urban planning and City agency services. This initiative will increase knowledge, understanding, and application of civically engaged practices amongst local artists, allow connectivity, resource sharing, and support amongst artists and small business owners in East New York, thus making engagement accessible for wellness activities/ services and local green spaces.



the steps

ARTs East New York will be working with 12 local artists, 6 local vendors, and the Department of City Planning to engage at least 10,000 local residents in CivLab. Our farmers, wellness instructors for yoga, massage, meditation, nutrition, and teaching artists will implement programming throughout the timeline in order to grow community engagement . 

May-17 CivLab "BluePrinting the Future" Train the Trainers

May-17 Artists Residency Workshop

Jun-17 Construction Complete

Jun-17 Vendor Incubator Workshop

Sep-17 Selection of Vendors for One-Year Lease

Sep-17 Bimonthly BluePrinting the Future Workshops begin

Sep-17 Selection of Artist Residency Free Studio Space

Nov-17 CivLab Opens

Jul-18 Community Art Culmination Event

Aug-18 First Lease Renewal for Vendors

Aug-18 First studio Renewal for Artists 

why we're doing it

Over the course of seven years, AENY has identified neighborhood strengths that can be further tapped into for the benefit of the entire community. Not least amongst these assets are local artists who hold the talent and vision necessary for creating a strong cultural foundation for East New York. Additionally, AENY has developed partnerships with diverse community-based organizations in the area that are eager to utilize the arts in achieving economic development and public health goals. AENY has also identified a sizeable group of middle-income professionals and homeowners who have the capacity to invest in their own community, but currently spend their funds elsewhere due to a lack of services, retail offerings, and leisure activities in the neighborhood. During a moment of substantial City investment in East New York, opportunities exist to capitalize on existing strengths for the benefit of the entire community.

AENY has chosen this strategy because a wealth of research points to one thing: the arts are a two-fold investment. Numerous studies cite cultural expression as vital to building upon community assets and fostering stewardship of place. When the whole community gets involved in arts and cultural activities, these initiatives reduce isolation amongst individuals and strengthen neighborhood identity. Additionally, the Arts & Economic Prosperity Report compiled by Americans for the Arts shows that proximity to arts venues increases local business exposure to a new customer base and brings a significant increase in event-related spending. [re]New Lots will empower the East New York community by capitalizing on the arts as a proven boon to both civic life and local economies. 

[re]New Lots will address the disproportionate needs of the community by not only engaging with artist and market vendors, but building a foundation of sustainability and wellness that promote the longevity and health of local residents. 



DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 6.2.17): 

RAISED = $7,716.00
ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
Payment Processing Fee (3%) $223.72




Green Roof/ Urban Garden

Organic Potting Soil, $10 per 12 Quart Bag, Home Depot (QTY 100): $1,000

Apothacery: Wellness Incubator 

Anchor Heritage Glass Jars, $5 .5 Gallon, Target (QTY 25): $125

Ball 12ct 4oz Quilted Jelly Jars, Amazon, $10, (QTY 12): $120 

Bulk Herbs, $20 1 pound, Flower Power 212.982.6664 (QTY 50): $1,000

Yoga: Wellness Incubator

Jade Yoga Mats, $100, Jade (QTY: 20): $2,000

Yoga Blocks, $20, Yoga Outlet, (QTY 20): $400

Hugger Mugger Quick Release Yoga Straps, $15, Ypga Outlet (QTY 15) $225

Art Therapy: Wellness Incubator 

Faber Castell Colored Pencils 24 pack, $35, Blick Art Supplies (QTY 2) $70

Strathmore 400 Series Drawing Paper, $7, Blick Art Supplies (QTY 8) $56

Total: $4,996

SUBTOTAL = 5,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $150




Deep Gratitude!

Thank you to all who have contributed to our project for [re]New Lots!  It deeply moves me to see community mobilize in support for projects for and by the community/  We are grateful to each and every person who took the time to read, support, and engage with our work.

We have 16 more days left of this campaign! Spread the word to anyone who support the intersections of Art, Culture, and Urban Planning to create Healthier and Sustainable Neighborhoods!



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