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Thank you!

the project

We want to teach the students at P.S. 32 the importance of being responsible to our Earth through recycling. To do this we need your help raising funds to purchase recycling bins. We want to incorporate recycling into our school culture and use this project as a way to create engaged and informed citizens.

the steps

  1. Raise funds to purchase recycling bins for all classrooms and common spaces.
  2. Set up recycling stations and accompanying signage throughout the school.
  3. Use resources from the Department of Sanitation and Grow NYC to educate the students and staff about what can be recycled and how to recycle.
  4. Have a kick off assembly in January to educate the students about why and how we recycle.
  5. Get Recycling!

why we're doing it

Recycling is mandated in NYC public schools, but we've had a hard time getting a strong recycling program in place.  We want to streamline the process of recycling at our school by having a schoolwide system that all members of the school community know how to use.  We have 34 classrooms, plus common spaces - cafeteria, auditorium, playground, and main entrance - that need bins.  Our students have been enthusiastic about our school garden program and have loved seeing what grows from their hard work.  We want to continue helping them develop good environmental stewardship habits by making recycling a part of the school culture at P.S. 32.


2 Recycling Stations for the Cafeteria $1,603.92
2 Waste Receptacle (Cans) for Yard
2 Can Recycler (8 gal) for Lobby and 3rd Floor
2 Trash Can (8 gal) for Lobby and 3rd Floor
1 Paper (8 gal) for Lobby
36 Paper Recycling Bins for classrooms $658.44
2 Trash Receptacles for Office and Auditorium
2 Can Receptacles for Office and Auditorium
2 Paper Receptacles for Office and Auditorium

SUBTOTAL = $6,666
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $333
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $200



RAISED = $2,969.00
ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $85.46
Updated Budget (12/23/2013)
42 x Paper recycling bins for classrooms and offices: $768.18
1 x 36 gallon, green paper recycling pail for the main office: $459.20
1 x 36 gallon, trash pail for the main office: $450.18
2 x 8 gallon, blue can recycling pails (one for lobby and one for 3rd floor): $335.38
2 x 8 gallon, black trash pails (one for lobby and one for 3rd floor): $338.26
1 x 36 gallon, blue can recycling pail for the auditorium: $450.18


Thank you!

Dear Donors,

Thank you so much for helping PS32 launch their revamped recycling campaign!

On January 6, all of our students will participate in a recycling assembly led by the Grand Falloons, and, thanks to you, when it is over, each class will go back to its classroom with their new recycling bin in hand. You will also begin to see new bins appearing in common spaces around the school to support lessons learned in the assembly and in the classroom, and which will reflect the commitment PS32 has to sustainability.

We are so grateful for your support.

The PS32 Green Team


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