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Summer News!

the project

Sure We Can, in partnership with Artfully Unforgotten and Musgo, have started a 'Recyclers’ Farm - Garden' in Bushwick, built by repurposing salvaged disposable recyclables available on site.

Our main objective is to involve those who bring their cans and bottles daily to the center together with other neighbors -including the school located close to our site – in rediscovering our capacity as a community, to grow our own delicious fresh and healthy food through planting, harvesting and chicken-raising at a low cost.

We hope to do so while transforming what, otherwise, would be taken as garbage or waste into art, beauty and useful space.  This is part of our commitment of finding healthier and more sustainable ways of living in the midst of the vast city of NYC.

the steps

This is a follow-up project to our initial round of fundraising for the Recyclers' Urban Farm. This time we need to make a good rain system since there is no entrance of water in out lot; hence, we will need some additional help. We will build a rain water harvest system (there is no water in SWC site).  We also count with 5 Columbia University students who are very willing to do the installation.

why we're doing it

This is part of our commitment to find a healthier and more sustainable way of living in the midst of huge cities like NYC.  Already Sure We Can is addressing the problem of excessive non-degradable 'waste' products, used and discarded in the city by collecting soda, water and beer containers, redeeming them and returning them to distributors. But because there are so many other non 'redeemable' containers, we want to find ways of using them artistically and effectively, as much as possible.  

On the other hand, most of us at SWC have previously been 'connected' to nature and in many cases to farming, but today we experience a total disconnect from the food we eat. The lack of accessibility to affordable local healthy food in our neighborhood is alarming. We want to empower our community to address this issue by growing nutritious, fresh and culturally-appropriate food at low cost while understanding both the beauty and responsibility that being interconnected with each other and with the earth means.


3 PVC pipes (20 each) $60

6 PVC connections (19.50 each) $117

Plastic roll ($58) $58 

project total = $235

Third Party Credit Card Transaction Fee (3%) $7

Grand TOTAL $242

Total raised = $258


Summer News!

I’m very excited to announce that Artfully Unforgotten has embarked on its first creative “green” adventure and has partnered with Sure We Can (SWC), a recycling facility, and Musgo, a food justice group, to build The Recyclers’ Farm & Garden!

Through a ton of hard work and cooperation on the site of the SWC facility in Bushwick, we have helped grow a luscious community garden using almost solely re-purposed materials and un-recyclable bottles, all of which would simply otherwise have been dumped in the local landfills.

Interestingly enough, most of the garden is “mobile,” meaning that the plants are grown in milk crates that are transportable as necessary. The raised flower beds also ensure that the soil in which the edible plants are grown is clean and clear of toxins that have infiltrated the land for years.

These are just a couple of the important best practices on urban gardening that we’ve learned from organizations who have helped spear-head the local community garden movement in NYC including Greenthumb, Compost for Brooklyn and even the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. And it’s truly incredible to see how many hard-working groups have their hands in this metropolitan green movement and how eager they are to share what they’ve learned and forge partnerships to make the movement even stronger.

In addition to the ton of vegetables and plants that we’ve planted and are now slowly reaching for the sky, we have also built a greenhouse to ensure that the venture can continue during the colder months, as well as a chicken coup for the six hens that we received as a donation from the Peter Maurin Farm in Marlbough, NY. We can proudly say that the chickens are happy and healthy and didn’t even skip a beat in terms of laying eggs, which often happens when there’s a change of habitat.

But what we are most proud of us that by bringing together people from the local community, the canners and in particular, the hard-working students of the Brooklyn Latin School across the street, we have been able to create not only a vibrant garden, painted and colorful, but also a venue where educational and arts workshops are taking place and also where people of the community come to spend time, check on their plants, tell stories about the foods they ate as children and share knowledge about their cultures.

We look forward to finding other creative ways to use this space and imaginative ways to “up-cycle” everyday items to be the basis of arts projects in the Recyclers’ Urban Farm & Garden. By organizing local neighborhood events and workshops in the garden, we are not only strengthening the local community, but also continuing to discover how one man’s refuse is another man’s treasure.

Let us know if you’d like to join us.


We also were featured on the Materials for the Arts website: 

It's been a great experience thus far and we are excited about a series of workshops we have planned for the Garden in the fall! Feel free to also check out our Flickr photos... proof of all the hard work!



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