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3520 Kenisington & 3519 Spruce
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For years we have watch our neighborhood become blighted with lots were people dumped trash and were overgrown with weeds.The Catalyst for this project was when our neighborhood association was invited to attend a meeting with Heartland Conservancy ,Give and Grow, Kansas City Water Department,and several other Government Agencies.The meeting was about the blight in the Urban Core of Kansas City. All the Neighborhoods in the Urban Core attended. Each neighborhood was asked to pick three vacant lots in our area to re-purpose and also come up with a plan to reclaim the lots.The Seven Oaks Neighborhood was chosen.

We attended classes on Native Plants, Invasive & NonInvasive Plants, Habitat & Wildlife, Water Quality, Stormwater Runoff & The Giving Grove Program. In the process of these classes we came up with the plans for our lots. That included a Small Park, Fruit Grove, Labyrinth, Walking Trail & Butterfly Garden.

With this money we are going finish these lots an start work on other lots in our neighborhood so we can change eyesores lots to beautiful landscapes.

the steps

1. First we will cleanup three lots that is connected (has been done)
2. One area will be turned into a kids area that will be an educational and learning camp (working on now)
3. Another area has been turned into a Butterfly sanctuary and library (working on now)
4. An area will have a butterfly labyrinth and meditation placed in the center with walking path around the whole project. We will be planting native plants around the walking trail with a water fall water garden and native plants for water run off around the labyrinth. (working on now)
5. An orchard will be planted this Fall 2017 and that will provide fresh fruit; plans are being made to have free training and cooking events at harvest time.
6. We have two other lots located in SONA that are also being cleaned up and transformed into grow native plants lots.
7. Build a Shelter on 3520 Kensington (looking for Funding)
8. Clean and open the wooded area for a walking nature trail and add a tree house and a kids Fort to play in. (will start in the Spring 0f 2018)

why we're doing it

By reclaiming these we are saying to the people who have trashed our neighborhood that we've had enough. We are committed to transforming our neighborhood into the of most beautiful neighborhood in Kansas City. We want teach kids about the wildlife, plants, how people affect the environment and where food comes from. We want to prepare the next generation to be better Stewards of our neighborhood.

A common issue the vacant lots is unlawful dumping.  This project will improve the results and outcomes which is to keep our community clean and deter people from unlawful dumping.  We are creating a holistic and social meeting place to bring the community together, and play area for children to interact. 

We will focus on building capacity and training of our neighbors and surrounding communities with knowledge and skills of keeping the community clean, saving the Blue River Water Shed and saving the Monarch Butterflies. 

These three lots are the focal point of our efforts to change people's perceptions of the Urban Core of Kansas City:



First Disbursement (4.19.18)

Raised = $3,080.00
less ioby Platform Fee $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $88.69
Total to Disburse = $2,956.31
Covers part of patio installation costs

Original Budget

Total project expenses:

$23,000 Permeable Concrete

$5000 Retaining

$6000 Native Plants

$6000 Fort Bridge & waterfall

SUBTOTAL = $10,000
ioby Platform Fee $35
Donation Processing Fee of 3%  $300
TOTAL TO RAISE = $10,335




This week Seven Oaks Neiborhood install its orchard that will be at the top of the labyrinth. Way to go team..

Memorial Bench

Reclaiming our community one vacant lot at a time

Sponsor a sitting Bench by donating $250 and add a (In Memory of Love One metal dash plate) that will be attached to the bench for your love one. The brench is made of steel with a wood grain look by Life Time.


$10 Wednesday's

Join me in donating $10 Today


7 Oaks reclaiming our community project one lot at a time:


Today is 7 Oaks $10 Wednesday challenge: donate $10 and challenge 10 people to donate $10.

Hello all, this Minister Gregg,  I need everyone today yes today, right now to go to our project site for donation of $10.00 right now help us reclaim our community.



Yes every dollar yes every dollar helps


Dear friends I have attached pictures of our progress of the Kids Pocket Park, the Butterfly Sanctuary, the Design of the Labyrinth and Orchard coming this fall and picture of were we started from.  We currently have three small lots and three double lots that are being cleaned up and for Monarch Butterfly Gardens and Grow Native to save the KC Metro's Blue River Water Shed also.  



This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


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