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the project

Reclaiming Home is designed to help residents of the near-westside neighborhoods of Cleveland re-build pride in their home and surroundings through exterior home improvements in partnership with World Changers- Student Construction Trips and the Stockyard, Clark-Fulton, & Brooklyn Centre Community Development Office (SCFBC). World Changers will be assisting these residents by organizing a group of young adults to repair their homes, while the SCFBC facilitates the conversation with residents on needs and visions for their homes.

the steps

Reclaiming Home will take place between July 13-16 and July 20-23, 2015. Achieving the goal of Reclaiming Home will involve 3 key elements: 1. Neighborhood and institution participation to welcome & host World Changer volunteers (5/15/15) 2. Open conversation with resident homeowners about the vision and goals for their home (12/20/14) 3. Financial support for construction materials, dumpsters, facilities, etc. (6/1/15) These steps will bring the community together with volunteers to help instill pride and ownership in the Clark-Fulton & Stockyards neighborhoods

why we're doing it

Living on a low or fixed income makes maintaining a home safe and secure difficult for many residents of the Clark-Fulton and Stockyards neighborhoods. Acknowledging the fundamental human right to housing, security, peace, and dignity, SCFBC and World Changers partnered in this effort to set a catalyst for community pride and ownership. The project will grant 5 homeowners the opportunity to have exterior repairs that would normally be out of their financial means completed.



Updated Budget:

RAISED = $1,098.00
 less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $30.96

Funds to go towards repair expenses for 3612 W 48th St., 3330 Sackett Ave, and 3298 W. 31st St.  as noted below.

World Changers Cost Estimates:

3612 W 48th St.

1.     No safe way to extend steps without major rebuild of porch

2.     Owner did not want us to look at shed

3.     Paint Porch

a.     FloorRailings and roof

b.     4 pack brushes

4.     Concrete driveway 3’x21’ pad @ 4”depth

a.     50’ x 4’ x 4” and 50’ x 2’ x 4” including delivery - #57 Limestone

3330 Sackett Ave

1.     Recommend tearing garage down

a.     20 yd Dumpster

                                               i.     216-664-3772

3298 W. 31st St.

1.     Paint exterior Siding

a.     Paint for Body – 15 gallons

b.     Paint for Porch – 1 gallon

c.     5- 8 piece roller tray sets- 6 rollers, 6 trays

d.     Porch floor paint- 2 Gallons

2.     4x4 concrete patch

a.     9 80# bags


·      Paint and Supplies: 702.67

·      Gravel: 150.01

·      Concrete: 38.23

·      Dumpster: 369.77

TOTAL: 1,260.68

Original Budget:
3592 W. 50th Street
1. Replace missing Aluminum siding with double lap vinyl siding on rear and side of home.
     a. 8 square siding $508.00
     b. Roofing nails $20.94
     c. 6 Siding corner posts $98.28
     d. 22 J channel $100.00
     e. 10 Starter strips $32.00
2. Replace/install 3 new double hung windows
     a. $127.00 each must field measure for proper fit and pricing)
3. Vinyl Gutter
     a. 170 lineal feet $1700.00
4. Porch paint
     a. Floor $27.98
     b. Railings and roof $43.92
     c. 4 pack brushes $15.97
5. Stair railing back porch $84.97
3612 W 48th Street
1. Paint Porch
    a. Floor $27.98
    b. Railings and roof $43.92
    c. 4 pack brushes $15.97
2. Concrete driveway  3x21 feet pad @ 4 inch depth
    a. 36 80 lbs bags $138.60
3427 W. 50th Street
1. Vinyl Gutter
    a. 100 Lineal feet 1000.00
2. Reroof Porch
    a. 9 bundles of composition shingles $197.01
    b. 1 rolls of #15 pound felt $16.98
    c. 4 Drip edge $22.72
    d. Roofing nails $20.94
3330 Sackett Avenue
1. Recommend tearing garage down
    a. 30 yard Dumpster $400
3298 W. 31st Street
1. Paint exterior Siding
    a. Exterior Flat paint $332.00
    b. 5 8 piece roller tray sets $49.85
    c. Porch floor paint $55.96
2. Garage door $569.00
3. 4x4 concrete patch
    a. 9 80lbs bags-$34.65

SUBTOTAL = $5,938
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Payment Processing Fee (3%) $178



Meet The Marcano Family

One project set to be completed is the home of the Marcano family at 3298 W. 31st Street. This house has been in the family of homeowner Elly Marcano for generations. Originally purchased by her mother in 1979, the home is now occupied by Elly and her daughter Jessica. When asked what they love about their neighborhood, Elly and Jessica stated that for them, this neighborhood represents their roots. They also love that the neighborhood is very close knit. Elly’s mother came to the United States from Puerto Rico in the 1970’s, and this neighborhood is where she settled down, purchased a home, and worked hard to support her family. Last summer, with the goal of restoring their home to its former glory, Jessica began the process of scraping paint with the intention of giving the exterior of the home a much needed paint job as well as repairs. With money being tight, she was unable to complete the project on her own. The main objective of this project is painting the exterior of the home and repairing unstable porch stairs. 

Ways You Can Be A Partner

Every Foot Counts Partner: $10

Give a foot…or even 10! This donation level represents repairing 10 feet of vinyl gutters for our neighborhood’s homes. Gutters are an essential part of maintaining a home’s safety and beauty. They protect a home from water damage to siding, erosion to the foundation and surrounding soil, and prevent flooding under a home and in the basement. Every foot counts!

Raise The Roof Partner: $22

This donation level provides one bundle of new roof shingles. Maintaining a roof’s integrity means maintaining a home’s long term value. A strong roof provides a protective outer layer from the harsh Cleveland weather and preserves a family’s valuable items inside the home.

Front Porch Partner: $87

Help to repair a front porch! This donation level represents the average cost for supplies to paint a front porch. Just imagine sitting on the front porch watching the summer sun turn into evening on a newly painted porch!

Area Code Donor $216

This level is great for individual neighbors who want to bring this neighborhood project to life and re-build pride in the Clark-Fulton & Stockyards!

Zip Code Giver: $441.02

This level of giving shows your neighborhood spirit with a donation amount reflecting our zip code! Great for business partners in the 44102!

Neighborhood Pride Partner: $1,214

This is the average cost per home repairs for our summertime ReClaiming Home project. This level of giving is perfect for neighborhood businesses to show pride in our Clark-Fulton & Stockyards neighborhoods!


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