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McCoy Park Neighbors Plant Sale

the project

McCoy Friends y Amigos was formed with a vision to create a park where three years ago a 100-year-old school building stood closed, abandoned, fire-damaged and vandalized. Today McCoy Park is a reality with a set of swings and an open field – mostly a blank slate.

The Reading Room project is the beginning of a creative playspace where neighbors gather to share stories, ideas and dreams, and sometimes just to practice English. The project will enrich the experience of our neighborhood children through art, music, performance, and science by bringing resources into their own community.

Phase 1 is a concrete courtyard surrounded by stone seating to create an intimate, formal setting for cultural and educational programming. The star design in the concrete patio floor reflects community pride in the Gold Star academic achievement status of the once vibrant school. The future Phase 2 will bring outdoor musical instruments, chess/game tables and an art installation that celebrates the neighborhood’s rich ethnic and cultural diversity.

the steps

STEP 1: COMPLETE!         
$14,000 seed money – Community Capital Fund’s (CCF) Neighborhood Opportunity grant

STEP 2: Crowd Funding   
Raise $3,000 through donations that will be matched by CCF.

STEP 3: Construction: September – October
Weather permitting, we will complete the project in early November.

why we're doing it

McCoy is historically a neighborhood comprised of immigrants from across the globe. Many of the residents live below poverty level, work at low paying jobs and struggle with a new language. They came here to make a better life for their children. This urban neighborhood is challenging for the children who are growing up here. They deserve to have enriching opportunities woven into the fabric of their own community. Along the way we educate, advocate and build relationships both in and outside of the neighborhood.  

Our mission is to improve quality of life by empowering residents to take responsibility and work toward common goals that build a stronger sense of community through participation in neighborhood improvements, environmental stewardship, community development and enhanced awareness of opportunities and restrictions. Through investing in the children, we hope to inspire some of these kids to recognize that everyone can make a contribution and to believe that compassion makes us better people. Everyone can be a star.

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RAISED = $3,225.00
ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
Payment Processing Fee (3%) $92.91

 Concrete Pad - 615.44 square feet x $14.00 = $8616.00 (installed, includes delivery charge) 
· Sidewalk - $1400.00 (installed) 
· Stone and other materials for walls - 111 linear feet X $18.00 = $2,000.00 
· Cap stone - 111 linear feet X $35.00 = $3,800 
· Labor for wall + misc. + landscape materials + float = $4000 
· Banners = $100.00 



· Concrete Pad - 615.44 square feet x $14.00 = $8616.00 (installed, includes delivery charge) 
· Sidewalk - $1400.00 (installed) 
· Stone and other materials for walls - 111 linear feet X $18.00 = $2,000.00 
· Cap stone - 111 linear feet X $35.00 = $3,800 
· Labor for wall + misc. + landscape materials + float = $4000 
· Banners = $100.00 

ioby Platform Fee $35
Donation Processing Fee of 3%  $90
TOTAL TO RAISE on ioby= $3,125



McCoy Park Neighbors Plant Sale

Yesterday the neighbors on E 14th Street brought plants out of their gardens to raise $100 for the Reading Room project. That $100 turns in $200 with the Community Capital Fund matching grant!


Here we are on Day 5 ! We are overwhelmed with everone's generosity and support for this project. Just three years ago, some people in the neighborhood were certain that getting the McCoy property turned over to Parks & Recreation was impossible - they called it a "pipe dream." Today we have a set of swings and the park is used by families and friends.




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