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the project

Together, our goal is to assist in the development of community leadership skills that will help emerging leaders improve their community, both economically and socially. Our goal is to prepare them to effectively deal with the issues and concerns – present and future – of their community.

EXCEL provides opportunities to:

  • Develop as a leader with an understanding of cultural values and their impact upon people of Randolph County.
  • Cultivate leadership skills in such areas as public speaking, chairing a group, and preparing and presenting reports, etc.
  • Enhance skills in facilitating group decisions by formation of effective questions, sharing information, proposing tasks, etc.
  • Analyze and describe current economic, political, and social situations in the Randolph County area.
  • Identify and understand various internal and external forces that affect community conditions in Randolph County.
  • Develop a network of people with common interests within the community.
  • Join the pool of well informed people capable of assuming further leadership responsibilities in the Randolph County area.

the steps

When we'll meet

EXCEL is not a passive experience. It is an intensive, demanding, 1 or 2 times monthly, 140-160 hour learning experience. Participants are expected to attend each session, both in and outside Randolph County. Participants are also expected to be active in the teaching / learning process and to share their own knowledge and expertise with the group. The sessions will be held beginning in September 2020 and ending in March 2021. In addition to sessions, participants are expected to attend a weekend retreat in September, State Government Tour in February 2021, and Community Study Tour in March 2021. 

See the schedule for exact dates.

Features of EXCEL

EXCEL will deal with a variety of topics such as:

Leadership Development
Economics of the Community
Approaches of Economic Development
Community Analysis and Planning
Local and State Government
Health Care
Population Profiles and Trends
Social Services
Technology & Telecommunication
Issue Identification
Action Planning

Many different instructional methods will be used throughout the EXCEL adventure.  Some of them will be:

Weekend Retreat
Problem-Solving Methods
Community Study Tour
Business Tours
Lecture / Discussion Groups
Special Assignments
Printed Study Materials

EXCEL instructors will be drawn from a variety of sources such as people from the local community, from government and private enterprises, as well as from other specialties.

why we're doing it

EXCEL builds human and social capital in emerging leaders in Randolph County Missouri. The program ensures the county is sustainable. What began as a program designed and sponsored by University of Missouri Extension in 1984 with 50 participants, has grown into 27 programs and 345 graduates. The program is held every other year with a program for youth held in between. Graduates say it is the best leadership development experience that they have had.

"I learned things about my county I never knew before and I've lived her for years." 

Countless graduates have gone on to take leadership positions and roles in their businesses, schools and many organizations. Graduates complete the program with a sense of purpose, goals, and a vision for their community. They also have a strong sense of social cohesion that exhibits itself when a community project or need arises. EXCEL has an excellent track record for impacting the county. It needs your support to continue making that difference.


“EXCEL is an educational tool that showed me how education, community organizations and businesses work together to make the community a better place to live and work. The networking experience was huge! After EXCEL, I now have a better understanding of who to go to in order to get questions answered.” Owner, RAMS General Contracting, Cameron, MO.


Disbursed budget (12.11.20):


TOTAL RAISED = $795.00
ioby Platform Fee waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $23.85

Original budget:

Scholarships - $2,000

Meals - $1,550

Travel - $1,525

Lodging - $1,500

Challenge Course - $1,250

Subtotal - $7,825

A generous $1,000 donation was made offline. Our new subtotal reflecting this and fees are noted below.

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)
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