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(Rainier Beach, Seattle)
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Thank you for supporting Rainer Beach!!

the project

Friends of a Rainier Beach Streatery at Jude's intends to create a beautiful outdoor space to be enjoyed by the Rainier Beach community and visitors to the budding business district along 57th Avenue. S. in Seattle’s Rainier Beach neighborhood. A “Streatery” is a parklet or small outdoor space that occupies a parking space in front of a business. In this case, it can be used as an outdoor service area for Jude’s Old Town restaurant during business hours and then as a public park open to the community at large during non-business hours. We believe that Rainier Beach is in need of more places where neighbors have the ability to interact with each other and the neighborhood. A streatery would also create more positive activity, foot traffic, and bicycle traffic in an area that stands to greatly benefit from having more community members live, work & play in their own community.

the steps

The funds raised through this campaign will go toward unlocking a matching grant award offered by the City of Seattle’s Department of Neighborhoods, which will provide the majority of funding for this project; a video camera and additional lighting to ensure the safety and preservation of the streatery; and general facade improvements.

why we're doing it

Friends of a Rainier Beach Streatery at Jude's wants to do this project because all of its members are deeply invested in the Rainier Beach neighborhood and are committed to making it a more livable, safe and connected community. The Streatery would be an important part of a greater effort to attract more people, positive attention, and community-based activity to the neighborhood in which the steering committee members live and work. Moreover, we are all committed to the beautification of Rainier Beach and see this streatery as a fantastic opportunity to build something lovely and lasting in the neighborhood.


Final Budget:

$6,000 - Cash amount required to unlock City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods matching grant. Of this $6,000, $3,000 will be allocated for construction of Streatery deck and $3,000 allocated for construction of metal railing sections.

$2,183 - Amount for lighting & facade improvements to complement Streatery.

$1,217 - Amount for security cameras & signage.

Total: $9,400

SUBTOTAL = 9,400
ioby Platform Fee  Waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) Waived


Original ioby Fundraising Budget:

Metal for railing sections:         $2,700

Decking Material:                     $3,700

Lighting, neon & signage:       $3,900

Video Cameras & security:     $1,700

Total Budget: $12,000

SUBTOTAL = 12,000
ioby Platform Fee  Waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) Waived
TOTAL TO RAISE = $12,000



Thank you for supporting Rainer Beach!!

I’d like to express ENORMOUS GRATITUDE to all of you who donated money to make this crowd-funding effort on behalf of “A Rainier Beach Streatery” a success. The required amount of $6,000 was achieved to unlock the City of Seattle’s Department of Neighborhoods grant, as well as a little extra money that will be used for lighting and video cameras in support of the Streatery itself. A Rainier Beach Streatery will be the first parklet/streatery in the Rainier Beach neighborhood and will be an enhancement to the community, Jude’s Old Town and to bicyclists riding the Lake Washington loop who will welcome such a nice outpost. Once again, thank you so much for making something awesome a reality in our backyard.


Mason Beau Hebert


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