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Across the country, commercial radio shows have embraced the use of cameras and real-time streaming to bring listeners behind the scenes and right into their studios. These efforts build brand recognition (and revenue). As a result, the listeners already have an intimate familiarity with their favorite radio programs as they regularly "watch" them.

SLB would like to bring these proven and market-ready technologies to our studios with a higher purpose in mind. Every year SLB presents youth and adult performers on Saturday Light Brigade. These performances often feature unusual instruments, people from other countries and cultures, and touring artists visiting our studios.

We've tested live video streaming on several weekly segments and have had a strong positive response. But these tests have been of limited quality, since we've made use of consumer-grade cell phones with inadequate lighting. 

This project will upgrade our studios, showing off these new capabilities to the way they're meant to be!


the steps

1. Finalize equipment list with a systems integrator. (December 2019)

2. Place equipment orders. (December 2019)

3. Receive and install, and test equipment. (January 2020)

4. Train staff. (February 2020)

5. Conduct soft launch, live on air, for both on-air and off-air applications. (March 2020)

6. Full launch and associated marketing. (April 2020)


why we're doing it

In addition to providing listeners with a live feed, the new system will also manage the capture and archiving of each video segment, thereby making it simple to share online for on-demand replay. It's a service to both our listeners and our guests. It's a great way to hear that excellent performer just one more time. And the archives will be a great value to those who appear on the radio program; student performers will be able to use them for documentation, auditions, or simply as a way to remember their appearances. 

The video system will also enhance our Youth Express program, allowing students to host and live stream talk shows and create video documentaries using real-world tools. Other applications include video podcasting and oral history collection, both as part of our own programs and as a resource we can make available to others.

Known Issue: If you receive an error when processing your donation, please be sure the Giving Code field is blank.


2 cameras @ 3,588                     


Video Switcher


Camera Controller                      


Recording/Streaming Hardware 


Video Display                             




Video Card                                 


Network Card








ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $620
TOTAL TO RAISE = $20,655


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