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Our production company One Whale’s tale creates, fosters, and generates new independent content internationally with an appreciation for magic and preservation of culture. We are committed to cultural representation and fair compensation. Together, we have been working on a number of cultural events revolving around an immersive performance called “Quince.” “Quince” is the story of a queer Mexican-American girl coming to terms with her identity on the eve of her Quinceañera. During a time of great economic uncertainty for arts workers, this show employs a cast and crew of local immigrants and first-generation Americans. It also features indigenous dance, music, and traditions from Mexico and Central/South America and offers a safe venue for local artisans and vendors to sell their good to a large audience, often made up of members of their community. These spaces are important for local street vendors who are increasingly being targeted and fined across New York City. “Quince” is more than a performance; it is a series of multi-disciplinary cultural festivals designed to empower the Latinx community in Bushwick, Brooklyn. It highlights their stories and creates a space for community members to talk about their ideas of tradition and how we can update those transitions without erasing them.

the steps

Workshop (Sept 2021-Oct 2021)- Work with artists (actors, musicians, designers) to further develop the performance elements. 

Community event (Oct 2021)- Hold a community event featuring different elements of QUINCE including music, dance, and food. 

Development (Nov. 2021- June 2022)- Continute to work with artists and community groups for future iterations of the project. 


why we're doing it

With this series of “Quince” events, we bring communities together and allow them to find joy in celebration, while also challenging their beliefs and bringing them closer in a time of such distance. The community in Bushwick was hit hard by COVID-19, but through these events we’ve been able to see the direct impact of bringing music, dancing, food, and so much more into the community. Art helps our community heal by bringing them together to celebrate, and by creating a safe space for artists and vendors who have been impacted heavily by the pandemic. We’ve partnered with a number of community organizations including the People’s Garden, a community garden which practices food justice and serves as a meeting ground for artists and activists; the Street Vendor Project, which advocates for the rights of street vendors; and OYE! Group, an arts organization that seeks to spark a dialogue over political and social issues critical to their community’s growth and the Bushwick Starr one of the leading independent theaters in Brooklyn. Through these collaborations, we are able to engage the heavily Latinx community in Bushwick, Brooklyn and forge deeper connections through a series of community events which include live music, poetry, indigenous ceremonies, food, dancing, giveaways for children and adults, and arts activities that center Latin American culture. As we have already held a few of these events, future fundraising will go toward being able to expand and continue this work. We want “Quince” to feel like a festival of culture and community, rather than a theatre show, and we want to be able to “pop up” several times a year. We have brought “Quince”  events to a few local sites including the People’s Garden, the Gowanus Dregers Canoe Club, and Maria Hernandez Park, but we know there are so many more possibilities across Brooklyn that will allow us to continue engaging with more members of our communities. All additional funds raised will go directly toward employing artists of color, preserving and highlighting local community spaces, supporting local vendors, and towards creating COVID-safe events that celebrate culture and address the most urgent needs of immigrant communities in Brooklyn.


Updated Budget (10.22.21):

TOTAL RAISED = $32,086.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $1,604.30
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $512.58


Original Budget 

We are proud to say that our main priority when budgeting is paying artist fair livable wages for their work.

Artist fees - $25,000

Administrative/Production labor- $1,500

Production costs- $3,000

Contingency- $500

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $1,604
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)

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