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Frederick K
One Central Queens pickup location, but bulbs can be planted in any public park or green area-tree pits, greenstreets etc
Queens (Springfield Gardens)
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the project

This project will beautify many public green spaces and parts throughout Queens. More plants help with purifying the air and providing greenery to otherwise non-green spaces. It will also aid in environmental awareness and how to properly plant and care for daffodils

the steps

Bulbs will be delivered to a central Queens location to be announced, and groups can RSVP in advance to come and pick up bulbs and subsequently plant them before the ground freezes. So far, over 3.5 million daffodils have been planted since the project began.

why we're doing it

We will be distributing free daffodil bulbs as part of the Daffodil Project to commemorate those that perished on 9/11/01. Participants will be given bulbs, tools and instructions on how to plant daffodil bulbs.


All funds will be used to buy hand tools for planting bulbs. Tools will be purchased at a local 99 cents store and given to groups picking up bulbs. We will purchase 200 small trowels or shovels to make planting easier for participating groups subtotal: $200 ioby processing fee: $30 TOTAL: $230


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