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Frederick K
All street trees in Queens
Queens (Springfield Gardens)
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Thank you! -from Queens Citizen Pruners.

the project

Our Certified Citizen Tree Pruners and Tree Stewards will work on pruning street trees in need and ensuring that our trees will be healthier thus reducing pollution and excessive heat. Trees are vital to reduce flooding and removing toxins from the air we breathe. If our trees are taken care of and do better, then we will all be that much healthier as a direct result.

the steps

Citizen Tree Pruners and tree stewards will work in their own respective neighborhoods and take care of the trees where they live. They will also clean out tree pits and plant either flowers or bulbs to make the tree pit look nicer and also retain moisture for the tree. This is an ongoing project as we have thousands of street trees needing care.

why we're doing it

Most of our street trees in Queens need some pruning and the tree pits they are planted in need to be weeded and cleaned out. Our old growth and new growth trees need to be better taken care of and tended to on a regular basis.


Fertilizer for trees 30 Bags at 6.00=180.00 Mulch 30 bags at 5.00= 150.00 Flowers/seeds 200.00 Bulbs 300@ $150.00 (please note we will be getting daffodils as an in kind donation)These are in addition garbage bags to remove debris 6 boxes @20.00 each =120.00 Misc expenses-50.00 stuff like twine, etc.


Thank you! -from Queens Citizen Pruners.


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