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Frederick K
80-30 Park Lane
Queens (Kew Gardens)
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Thank you! 9/11 daffodil bulbs distributed.

the project

We distribute thousands of Daffodil bulbs in October each year in partnership with New Yorkers for Parks and the NYC DPR. Bulbs are in remembrance of those that perished on 9/11/2001 and provide more color and a renewed hope for us all.

the steps

We will purchase hand tools to enable recipients to plant the bulbs they get from the annual Daffodil Bulb distribution held around October each year. Bulbs are free to those who will plant them in public spaces. We want to give them the tools to plant the bulbs correctly and easily.

why we're doing it

The Daffodil Bulbs bloom each year and provide oxygen and hopefully a spirit of renewal for us all. More green and color makes a nicer and cleaner neighborhood. We will purchase tools for recipients so they can plant the bulbs.


Hand tools about 300 at the 99 cent store or equivilant-depending on where we can get the best price and decent tools. project total = $300, ioby fee = 24


Thank you! 9/11 daffodil bulbs distributed.


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