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the project

The Mission of Queen IAM is to Empower, Enrich and Educate young ladies everywhere. Queen IAM was created today to promote and encourage self-love, self-respect and self-understanding. We will provide mentorship, workshops and events designed to inspire individual growth. Queen IAM’s goal is to encourage young queens to know their self-worth, so they will grow into strong, confident and beautiful women.

Our programming is designed to see true measurable growth. We have created safe spaces for many girls to bond and create sisterhood. We work extremely hard to expose our young queens to opportunities to gain experience socially and emotionally such as our highlight on self-love. Self- Respect and self-understanding. We use our tools and resources to then connect them to areas of College and Career Readiness, Health and Wellness, Financial Literacy, Community Service. We find ways to connect these themes back to the empowerment and encouragement of self. 

Queen in Quarantine is a consistent weekly programming that we expose young girls to. We partnered with local amazing women that enter our space and share skills and tools in Art Exploration, STEM, Music, Hygiene and many more. These partnerships spark creativity, curiosity and most important confidence.  Each girl who experiences Queen in Quarantine is supplied with a kit or keepsake that reminds them of the importance of character development and self-growth.

the steps

Step 1: Looking for additional partners in our city that's willing to share their time and talent with the girls. Our goal is to make sure they are all different as we aim to expose a variety of career pathways an experience.

Step 2: Secure the partnership with a written proposal as well the budget that's needed to purchase the supplies or pay the partner for their time.   

Step 3: Choose the best day that works for Queen IAM as well the partner!

Step 4: Queen in Quarantine! Another opportunity to expose young queens to opportunities that will help them grow in various areas in their life.  

why we're doing it

Young queens deserve the opportunities to learn about career pathways and the possibilities that have at their reach. When young girls find confidence in a hobby or a skill. They find confidence in their selves. These workshops are planned with intentional curriculum to help these young queens grow and thrive. We use hands on activities and interactive projects that really build character development and long-lasting relationships with the girls we impact. Activities are to build confidence/Self Esteem as an individual as well team building activities. Bonding experiences and opportunities to help girls understand the value of sisterhood. Through these experiences we use Queen in Quarantine as a space to connect these workshops back to the empowerment and encouragement of each girl. We are challenging the narrative of girl jobs" and helping young queens break the glass celling one workshop at a time. 




Disbursed budget 06.15.22

TOTAL RAISED = $1,510.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $22.65

Original budget:

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)

Supplies/Materials: 1,500

Outside Facilitators/Instructors:1,000 





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