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the project

Queen City Korfball (QCK) is a sports-based youth development organization using the sport of korfball, social-emotional skill building, and cultural immersion to empower young people. Korfball is a co-ed sport with elements of basketball, team handball, and netball. QCK is currently a one-person volunteer endeavor with no current financial backing. QCK currently also only has one set of posts for play. These posts have to be toted around by Kyle (Director of QCK) around the city from site to site. With so many sites (currently 12 and counting), there is no opportunity for students to have further exposure to the game outside of practice hours at a respective site. PE teachers, after-school educators, local recreation centers, and youth serving organizations (e.g. Saturday Hoops) have all expressed interest in housing equipment should it be available. Raising money for official korfball equipment would allow students to have exposure to korfball on days when QCK is not on site. This would allow more students to get excited about the program to join official QCK offerings, contribute to the active lifestyle these program partners are building, and allow other QCK partner sites and staff (i.e. more coaches) to come aboard because of increased capacity. 

It would be wonderful to have financial support for an end-of-season tournament where students could play each other. This will allow students to connect from across the school district, meet their peers, and provide a showcase of their talents to family and friends. A showcase to the city, school district, and korfball community would also help to leverage future support for future seasons for student involvement. In a similar vein, support for students to participate in school break trips serving as korfball ambassadors is an integral part of showcasing how korfball aims to connect and values cultural immersion. As an example, we have an invitation for up to 12 students to travel to Birmingham, AL for a winter break trip in December 2024 to play korfball with US National Team members, do a sport exchange with another local nonprofit sport agency, visit museums and National Parks, and provide service to housing nonprofits. The proper insurance coverage will also be purchased to ensure the safety and well-being of all involved. 

the steps

Queen City Korfball (QCK) officially incorporated as a nonprofit organization and received tax exempt status in early 2024. In January, we began working in Cincinnati Public Schools and with youth-serving entities (i.e. Found Village, Cincinnati Recreation Commission, Saturday Hoops, etc.). QCK provided professional development training to CPS on 1/26 to all PE Educators in the district. 

Equipment--QCK will purchase equipment ASAP to help bring out further capacity for our pre-existing partners and director.

Tournaments--QCK is currently in discussion with additional sports-based youth development organizations to fashion a pilot program with an end of season tournament for CPS students. QCK has also been asked to sponsor a US National Korfball Tournament to be held in Cincinnati 9/6-9/8. There will be a youth component to this tournament availing local students the opportunity to participate. 

Upcoming Break Trips

2024 Winter Break Trip--Dates TBD--Birmingham, AL

2025 Spring Break Chattanooga, TN

2025 Summer Break The Netherlands*--contingent on funding

why we're doing it

Queen City Korfball came to fruition to build out opportunities for Greater Cincinnati Youth to find consistent out of school time activities, to avail students a cooperative co-ed team sport experience not predicated on the final score, and to build travel opportunities with a focus on cultural exchange and service. This is all steeped in the hook of playing a new game---korfball! We are working with several CPS after school programs, youth-serving nonprofits, and Cincinnati Recreation Commission sites to build out these opportunities for area students. We aim to bring students together to play with a special emphasis on Friday evenings and Saturdays where fewer programs are available. School breaks will be used for trips across the country where students will serve as sport ambassadors teaching other youth the sport of korfball, meeting US National Team members and playing, and partaking in cultural immersion experiences. With the sport being popular in Europe, there are opportunities down the line where students could earn a passport with QCK and even travel overseas with standing invitations to play in The Netherlands and Belgium. 

QCK intends to teach the game while also supporting holistic skill-building for students to be prepared on and off the korfball court. Social-emotional skill building is a focal point in each practice. QCK is excited for the opportunity to bring the sport to Greater Cincinnati and to continue to find ways to collaborate with folks that are doing great work empowering local youth.

Queen City Korfball is led by Kyle Reiser--a US Korfball National Team Member. Kyle is a licensed social worker and community organizer in Cincinnati. The organization and vision is the confluence of his many observations of students' needs while working in a variety of local youth-serving settings---and of course, his love of korfball!

Check out our social media platforms and come play with us at a free Adult Open Gym!                                                                                                                                                                                    Instagram                                                                                                                                                                                                          Facebook                                                                                                                                                                                                              Meetup                                                                                                                                                                        


Korfball Goals/Equipment---$8000

Insurance Coverage---$2000

School Break Cultural Immersion Student Trips---$1000

Local Tournament Support---$1000



ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee N/A $0.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee 4% $500.00
TOTAL TO RAISE $12,500.00



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