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the project

Since launching in December 2019, the Providence Streets Coalition has successfully advanced safety, equity, and sustainability on our city streets. Our alliance of 70 community organizations, local businesses, schools, neighborhood and professional associations, and thousands of engaged individuals has broadened and deepened the local movement for people-friendly streets by:

  • Engaging with residents, businesses, and elected officials to champion the implementation of more than 35 miles of urban trails and traffic calming throughout the city. Our communications and community organizing work made it possible for the City to rapidly install the first phase of a high-comfort network of biking, walking, and rolling infrastructure for people of all ages and abilities
  • Successfully advocating for the City Council's Green and Complete Streets Ordinance 
  • Helping stop the state's Multi-Hub Bus Project in its tracks and playing an active role in amplifying the voices of bus riders for a better downtown transit hub
  • Hosting conferences and reading discussions on the principles of mobility justice
  • Distributing over $50,000 in Creative and Safe Streets Mini-Grants that highlight safer and healthier streets, and expanded and artistic public spaces to 37 individuals and community groups 
  • Advocating at the state level for increased public and active transportation funding and better policy-making
  • Distributing 94 yard signs to individuals and families in 21 neighborhoods
  • Sharing 32 individual Providence residents' stories of safety, mobility, and identity through our "Street Stories" series 

Now, we need our community's help to keep our momentum going!

the steps

In 2022, the Providence Streets Coalition will:

  • Advocate, engage, and celebrate the implementation of ~22 more miles of urban trails, traffic calming, and public transit improvements
  • Continue uplifting the voices of public transit riders as changes are made to RIPTA's downtown service and facilities
  • Host community events that showcase and celebrate new transportation infrastructure
  • Support educational programs that help more people safely use different mobility options 
  • Keep collecting individual Street Stories, distributing yard signs, and reaching people through our Street Team’s “Providence Was, Is, Will Be” bike trailer station. 

We need this funding to continue deepening our strong partnerships with city staff and elected officials, building upon our proven track record of delivering projects and advancing mobility choices. Liza Burkin, Sid Terrero, and Kenya Fullen are a formidable community organizing team that meets residents where they’re at and brings everyone into the fold for a safer, healthier Providence.

Funds raised will support:

  • Staff to support community engagement, outreach and advocacy 
  • Ability to deliver yard signs to 50 more households, tell 50 more individual stories, and reach thousands of residents with digital advocacy, door-knocking, and on-street outreach 
  • The implementation of 22 more miles of urban trails
  • A large-scale celebration event this fall when we reach the 50% network completion milestone!

why we're doing it

The streets of Providence belong to all of us. They are the veins that pump our community, economy, and family life.

Currently, our streets are primarily designed for people who drive personal vehicles. This leaves many others without affordable, reliable, and safe transportation – including children and youth, people who cannot afford cars, people who cannot drive due to disabilities, new immigrants and refugees, people who are legally barred from driving, and people who choose not to drive.

Recent increases in traffic congestion and people using bicycles, scooters, and other mobility devices are resulting in unsafe, uncomfortable, and frustrating streetscapes for everyone, including drivers. Better street design, informed by our community’s lived experience, can solve these problems for everyone. More mobility choices and people-centered roads will result in less traffic congestion and air pollution, fewer crashes, and a more healthy and just city. 


Disbursed B udget 7.11.2022

July/August Yard signs 1100

July-December Web support services 1000

July-September Funded BBQs 1500

July-November Staffing - Liza 32250

July-November Staffing - Street Team 7000

July-November printing, swag, boosted posts 1535.49

August-December EveryAction 1767.88

November Fall celebration event 5000


TOTAL RAISED = $55,601.50
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $2,780.08
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $1,668.05

Original Budget:

Spring yard signs 1150

EveryAction CRM and advocacy tools 3500

PSC website and email 950

Staffing (July-November) 40000

Fall celebration event 5000

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $2,750
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)

Please note, fees are estimated here and final numbers may change based on the final amount raised and amount of match funding applied to this campaign.


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