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Corner of E. Ohio Street and Cedar Avenue
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Three cheers!

the project

We believe that giving children a day to just be kids is priceless: Picking a pumpkin, running through fallen leaves, playing games and singing songs. We also believe that socioeconomic status shouldn't get in the way of that. Pumpkinfest was created 27 years ago to benefit the children of East Allegheny. Today, with nearly 1.800 children from all over the Northside attending this one-day festival, we've grown to become the largest children's harvest festival in the city of Pittsburgh 

We set a record last year for highest number of attendees at more than 5,500 children and their family members. We estimate that a large percentage of the children are from low-income Northside families. Entrance is a suggested donation, and once inside, all activities are free. Throughout the park, children are exposed to sights, sounds and experiences that they otherwise may not be. From petting zoos to inflatable jumpers, pumpkin decorating contest and music, Pumpkinfest is a full day of hands-on fun. Families leave armed with information, resources and more thanks to our Health Fair and the 40+ nonprofit and social service groups that participate.

We invite neighbors, partners, stakeholders and those invested in children to help us provide the best possible! 

the steps

We start planning Pumpkinfest more than 6 months in advance. Once we receive donor funds from Ioby, we are able to:

-Finalize our bookings: This includes our inflatables, rock climbing wall, and table and tent rentals. 

-Book our on-stage entertainment: We can pay for our musical acts, puppet show and sound manager

-Purchase event essentails, like wristbands, public safety officers, etc. 

-Pay for other items that go directly to the kids: pumpkins, kid treats, cinch saks and more

why we're doing it

On a larger level, Historic Deutschtown and the entire Northside benefit from Pumpkinfest. Because whenever a community invests time, resources and love into children and their families, that community is thriving.  When children are having fun and learning, expending creativity and just being kids in a safe, supportive environment, everyone wins. The beauty of this festival is in its reach; it’s not just limited to Historic Deutschtown. We have generations of families who attend this event, and it’s neat to have them share in this celebration in a lasting, memory-making way.


Disbursed budget (10.22.18):

Wristbands $288.72
1500 tote bags $2,800.00
Kid's Treats $317.76
Hayride  $1,750.00
Pony Rides $1,500.00
Petting Zoo $1,550.00
Bales of Hay $275.00
Fresh Pumpkins $1,050.00
Puppet Works $645.00
Printing $835.00
Truck Rental $176.81
Candy $528.72
postage $50.00
Pgh Care Membership $75.00
insurance rider $275.00
Entertainment: Band $500.00
Balloon Supply $90.85
Rock Wall Rental $900.00
Volunteer food $713.00
Event Permit $125.00
North Side Chronicle $350.00
City Service Reimbursement fees $800.00
Printing of fliers & program $835.00
Sound equipment rental $200.00
Kid's Carnival Rides $1,325.00
Rental of tent, tables & chairs $1,391.00
Corn Stalks for decorating $128.15
School District Parking Lot fee $51.20

RAISED = $20,147.00
less ioby Platform Fee $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $585.79
TOTAL TO DISBURSE = $19,526.21

Original budget:

Rides, inflatables and rock climbing wall: $6,000

Music/entertainment, puppet show and sound system:  $1,000

Kid's treats, bags and pumpkins: $2,000

Printing costs, volunteer food and tshirts: $1,000

Purchasing chairs, tables, and fencing for the sustainability of the festival to ensure that we can host into the future: $10,000



Project Subtotal =  $20,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $600
Total to raise on ioby = $20,635





Three cheers!

A huge thank you to our donors, big and small, that made a contribution to help fully fund Pumpkinfest. 

Despite the cold and cloudy day, we had a very successful event on October 13, with plenty of smiles to go around. We had many volunteers that made the event go smoothly, and plenty of nonprofit organizations on hand. 

We hope you'll join us again next year. 


The Pumpkinfest Team



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