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the project

I run a writing group that is dedicated to responsible free speech. We publish anyone who asks (with responsibility) in their very own bi-fold mini chap book. No judging. This is often poetry, but also include prose, short stories, art zines, experimental writing, workshop results, etc. We already have a collection of over 24 books. We'd love to add more.

However, printing costs money. We can make a book, even email it to the author, but there is nothing like holding a copy of your first work in your own hands and allowing us the joy of spreading it to readings and events all over the area. Some have even made it as far as Seattle and Canada. We need funds to purchase a proper printer to print our current collection and any new submissions. 

the steps

Purchase printer, toner, and paper.

Install equipment. Determine the capacity of each toner and divide among our available writers. New works get first priority. 

Work with authors to create any new submissions to their liking.

Print the books, staple, pack up.

Announce new works and availability of the current catalog. Share any requested digital copies.

Attend every poetry reading, open mic, art event I can to spread your books. Encourage writers, musicians, etc to take and share at their events.

why we're doing it

There are many wonderful, talented writers in our area, but many have never been published. Some are shy, lack opportunities and resources, need that first confidence boost, or do not think they are good enough. Good enough is no excuse. Let us help.


Printer- $300

Toner- $300

Paper- $100

ioby Platform Fee     waived
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%)    $38
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)    $23
TOTAL TO RAISE =    $761


Nearly 25% there

Thank you very much for our latest donation: Hearlily, A talented musician, host, and LGBTQ supporter in our area. I look forward to working with her on future projects.

Upwards and Onwards

Thank you again to our second and third donors: Rosemarie Iwasa and Chuck Joy; noted names in the writing community. If you'd like to read their works, we have two books they graciously let us publish for them. Ask us for a digital copy.

First Thanks

Thank you to our very first donor. It's a fantastic start. We're on our way.


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