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the project

Our Public School students need more hands-on learning time in our school science garden. Because of budget cuts, we no longer have a STEAM teacher in our school. We need your help to raise $8400 so we can add these much needed STEAM classes into our school program this year. Our teachers want their students to have MORE time learning Science Technology Engineering Art and Math in the garden!


“I love this class!” “I wish I could be here every day….” ‘What things do we get to DO today?” “I could do this all day!” “Me too!” “This is a ROOF? Why can’t I have a habitat like this on my apartment building!” “Do we get to harvest today?” Our Garden Program is where vocabulary words come alive, fine motor skills are focused, concepts are practiced, and math is necessary and meaningful!

the steps

Located in the center courtyard of our school, our garden will become the New Place of STEAM and Ecologically coherent Learning at PS 84. Once funded, we will immediately schedule the additional classes for the students.

Because of our diverse school, we are continually underfunded, so your donation is crucial.

Imagine the impact you can make for 620 children! Let’s fund this now, and not wait until next year, when they are all one year older….

why we're doing it

The Administration and teachers have been working on the STEAM-Centered Vision for our Children, and planning how to successfully include and integrate the garden program seamlessly into our Equity, Access, STEAM, and Amplify Goals. The GARDEN teaching is an essential piece of this program and YOUR SUPPORT will not only add class time for our students, and time for maintaining the learning space, it will also allow Ms. B. to work more closely with the classroom teachers to align the garden lessons into the new science standards and curriculum.




TOTAL RAISED = $8,831.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $264.93


So, we heard the need for STEAM, and we have designed this plan---

We wish to give the children 10 additional classes in the new rooftop Garden Learning Space, and give our incredible garden teacher Ms. B time to work in the garden to prepare it for the students’ hands-on integrated learning. In order for our 620 K-5th grade children to attend additional classes for this current school year, and to properly plan and care for our new 4000 sq. ft. learning and growing space-- we need to raise an additional $8400.

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $261



Dear Donors,


We did it..... because of YOU!!! 

We are thrilled that you participated in our funding of this important program.  THANK YOU!  GRACIAS!!  MERCI!!  We invite you to follow our IG #ps84fearlessgardeners to see all our updates and photos of our STEAM classes, our Garden classes, and our Nutrition classes.  We are so happy to have you on our team.  We hope you come visit some time...and see the children in action.  

Education is the best gift we can give our children.

Thank you for making an impact for 620 children!!

-The PS 84 Fearless Gardening Team


One Day Left! Thank you Donors!!

Thank you DONORS!!

The children will be so happy to know they will get more classes!!  This is their favorite part of school..... ask them!

Halfway there and 2 days to go!

Thank you amazing donors!!

We are halfway there!  If we look at it as $1400 for each grade, three grades are funded already!  Lets work together to get the rest of the grades!

Did everyone see the IG post about Light and Sound for First grade?  This is one of those STEAM lessons.  Children studied Light and Sound, and how they affect animals and people, then they designed and created moving mobiles to fend off pests from our garden.  Light and Sound is used as the environmentally freindly new scarecrow.... What did your child create??? (and PS, they all now know how to tie knots!)

Full Steam ahead! #PS84fearlessgardeners #STEAM  #lifeskills

Share the Love!

Thank you to our donors, we are 30% funded!  Remembering fondly May of 2019 when the garden was first opened....

We are looking forward to planting this spring.  Please share this link with your friends, and let's Share the Love, and fund STEAM in our Garden!  Only 70% to go!

Thank you to our donors for Sharing the Love! 


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