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the project

We will teach students about the benefits of composting and use our food and garden scraps to help nourish the soil in the garden.

the steps

After purchasing the composter, we will have one full composter that is decomposing and another that new materials will be added to. The compost will be used in the garden on a regular basis. A bin will also be used in the school cafeteria in order to transfer compostable food scraps to the outdoors composter.

why we're doing it

Our new school garden needs a second composter for food and garden scraps. The soil at the school is very poor and we want to be able to have two composters working at different stages so we will have new compost to add to the garden when needed.


Compost Tumbler Item #17-1501 $249.95, Shipping $25.00, ioby fee: $41.75, TOTAL = 316.25


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