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the project

PS 11 will be working with support from Just Food to build a chicken coop in the garden.  Funds are needed to purchase supplies to build the coop.  Just Food staff will provide training and support and PS 11 families & volunteers will build the coop.  The chickens will be cared for by PS 11 students and families and will be used to enrich PS 11's science curriculum. The coop will be built during the first 2 weeks of August 2012 and will be ready for chickens before students return to school in September. 

the steps

Working with the Just Food City Chicken Project.  Just Food staff will guide PS 11 families & volunteers in building the coop.  The PS 11 coop will be built in August over a 2 day period.

why we're doing it

Having chickens in our schoolyard will help students make a connection to where their food comes from and how important it is to take care of the environment they live in.


Lumber and supplies to build the coop (The Just Food Chicken Project will place the order for us through Home Depot. The project materials and cost art based on Just Food's past experience in building chicken coops in community gardens throughout NYC. Pressure Treated 2x4 83.16 Pressure Treeted 2x6 29.82 4x8 Ply 176.7 8' long 2x4s 84.7 Cement for roofing 27.74 4'x50' Chicken Wire roll 192.5 Dowels for perches 15.48 1 1/4" drywall screws (5lbs) 21.97 3" hinges for windows & chix door 13.16 Heavier door handles 7.56 Lighter door handle 11.48 T50 Staples 10.67 8"x8"x16" cinder blocks 9.18 Black Gate Latch (for a lock) 8.58 Door hinges for people doors 20.94 3" exterior screws A roll of roofing, like shingles 32.42 Curbside Delivery Service 125 871.06 Chalk marking reel (for cuts 7.87 25' Measuring tape 9.48 1/8 drill bit 4.94 Double ended screwdriver bit 8.49 Goggles, dust mask, ear plugs, kit 6.97 Roofing nails 2.98 Top Soil 40 lb bags 1.48 2" outdoor screws (5lbs) 54.96 97.17 2.5" Barrell bolt Galvanized 39.87 5pk IMP ready #2 phillips 1" bit 3.97 pressure treated 4x8 ply 31.97 Roof felt, goes under roofing 19.75 project total = $1127 3% credit card = $34 ioby fee = $35 total to raise = $1196


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