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the project

The Connecticut River Conservancy and partners work to slow the spread of invasive water chestnut, which dominates aquatic ecosystems, consumes vital nutrients, and crowds out other plants and animals. As it decomposes, water chestnut decreases dissolved oxygen that fish and other aquatic life need to survive. Water chestnut infestations also impede fishing, hunting, swimming, and boating as the rosettes cover entire bodies of water with plants up to sixteen feet deep, in some extreme cases. 

Invasive species do not recognize human-constructed borders and, as such, spread freely from upriver into downriver zones. To address this, we are seeking funding for season staff support, supplies and personal protective equipment, and the rental of paddle and motor boats to successfully remove water chestnut. These funds will allow for an increase in staff and volunteers on the Connecticut River, hand-pulling water chestnut. It will also allow for great education and outreach work to inform the public about the spread of invasive species. This project spans numerous municipalities, including: Windsor, Bloomfield, South Windsor, Hartford, East Hartford, Wethersfield, Rocky Hill, Glastonbury, Cromwell, Middletown, Portland, Haddam, Chester, Deep River, Essex and Old Lyme. 


the steps

  • May: planning for the season, recruting volunteers, fundraising and hiring seasonal staff, and gathering supplies and materials. 
  • June - August: organize several water chestnut "pulls" to remove water chestnut before it drops seeds into the river. Work with boaters, marinas and communities up and down the river to educate river-users about water chestnut. 
  • August - September: report on our monitoring data and removal efforts. Thank our volunteers and partners through an appreciation event. 

why we're doing it

The Connecticut River and its tributaries provide inumerable benefits to our local environment and communities in a celebration of diversity all the way from northern New hampshire down to the Long Island Sound. In Connecticut, we face the significant challenge of curbing the spread of water chestnut, a threat to species diversity and recreation in the river. Without meaningful effort to monitor and remove water chestnut, the health of the Connecticut River is at risk, leading to loss of biodiversity, recreation and economic opportunities for species, communities and businesses up and down the river. At the Connecticut River Conservancy, we believe healthy rivers support healthy communities and economies.



  • $3,600 will be used for seasonal staff
  • $900 will be used for boat rentals and equipment
  • $750 will be used for outreach materials and events and travel
  • $500 will be used for volunteer appreciation
  • $250 will be used to set up a composting system for the water chestnut

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