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Food Security Now! We cannot wait for the government or mobs to determine our future or security. We must act now. Prosperity Grove will tell the story of redemption and prosperity by transforming an unproductive acreage into a lush wonderland. Our vision is to purchase a piece of dry, rocky ground where we will demonstrate the principles of Redemptive Stewardship to create a productive, abundant landscape. The property will be our base of operations to host tours, classes, and camps for visitors, along with online resources for worldwide viewers to discover the Redemptive Stewardship principles that will empower them to gain a new level of prosperity both physically and spiritually, regardless of current headlines.

Our vision encompasses a two-fold educational experience. The first component will be to create a living Garden of Eden using little-known eco gardening practices. An eco-garden is set apart from food forests, permaculture, and edible parks, by mimicking a natural forest with all plant strata from grass and herbaceous layers, to shrub and tree canopies, inter-planted and working together to produce a resilient ecosystem, contrasted with a straight row, semi-sterile cropping system. Rather than merely growing a handful of cultivated crops, the focus is on solar energy capture, atmospheric carbon sequestration, advanced soil management, and plant diversity, which then produces fruits, vegetables, and tools (such as bow staves, arrow shafts, and cordage). The Garden of Eden, as the first recorded account of an eco garden, is the ultimate symbol of prosperity. Based on forgotten Biblical agronomy and spiritual principles, the Garden of Eden will benefit people from all walks of life, including the financially challenged.

The second component involves developing the remaining property to operate the Legacy Makers Outdoor and Survival School. This school will demonstrate how to leverage forgotten basics with modern principles to brace ourselves for disaster, while building a prosperous legacy for future generations. Prosperity Grove will be managed to teach such ancient arts as primitive technology and wild food acquisition, taking the fear and uncertainty out of the disasters looming over society. From this base of operations, we will teach people to see wild land as a grocery store, building supply, and adventure theme park. The weather, land, and water will become a book you can read. In the process, students discover a harmony with the environment and their fellow citizens that society desperately needs today.

the steps

Steps to acquire Prosperity Grove:

1) Build website - completed May 14, 2020

2) Create free gardening downloads on our resources page ( - 1st download completed May 14, 2020 at:

3) Assess prospective properties - completed May 20, 2020

4) Launch funding campaign mid-June, 2020

5) Purchase property ASAP

why we're doing it

Visions of hungry children on our modern American street corners make me weep. Now is your chance to join us in a transformational movement to address real problems, rather than just the symptoms. Please visit our website at to see if our mission is something you can support. Food insecurity affected approximately 11.1% of the US population, or 37.2 million people, as reported in the USDA’s 2018 Food Security Report. This number is unacceptable in a land that boasts some of the best agricultural resources, climate, and technology in the world. The resulting fear, anxiety, depression, poor career or school performance, and health complications from hunger, malnutrition, and insecurity robs individuals and society of peace, joy, and confidence. 

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and race riots have shown that this absence of peace and prosperity extends beyond the food insecure into mainstream society. Violent protests, looting, destruction, and economic collapse are symptoms that prove our society is crumbling before our eyes. These crises also prove how food-dependent even the formerly secure segment of society has become. Empty shelves, burned stores, and street violence have shown us how critical local and home food production is to long-term prosperity, regardless of individual economic status. We must act now to reverse the self-destructive direction of our materialistic society has taken. The question of society’s survival has become, “How do we achieve prosperity in the midst of decline and crisis?”

Our vision is to provide this answer by demonstrating prosperity through Redemptive Stewardship. While food banks and state food stamps are commendable programs that help needy families immediately, they are temporary solutions that foster food dependence when relied upon in the long-term. Likewise, reliance on society’s affluent on fragile corporate food production and distribution system is insecure at best. This dependence cripples the ability to build resilience and prosperity. When a crisis stresses these programs, hunger and unrest ensue. Our desire is to take the distinctive wisdom we've begun to share in our community, as seen in a recent newspaper article at, to the world. Our passion is to empower people to explore a proven framework for physical, intellectual, and spiritual prosperity while increasing food security, food independence, and outdoor adventure we were meant to enjoy.


Disbursed budget 11/22/2021:

Plants for spring planting: $726.80

TOTAL RAISED = $790.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $39.50
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $23.70

Originial budget:


closing costs-$8,750

contingency for unforseen land development costs-$10,500

ioby Platform Fee     $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%)    $10,559
"ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.) "    $6,335
TOTAL TO RAISE =    $211,179
Please note: ioby fees are estimated and will be calculated based on totals at the end of the campaign.   


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