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Thanks For Helping Us Clean Up the Park!

the project

There is a lot of trash along the shore of Prospect Park Lake that needs to be picked up. The lake is home to large mouth bass, turtles and nesting birds among other various animals. It's also a freshwater fishing spot that local fisherman enjoy fishing at. Cleaning up the lake will help provide it's seasonal and year round residents a safer and healthier environment to thrive in.

the steps

1. Raise $400 or more to rent the paddle boats and help pay for trash pickers and garbage bags - any other extra money raised will be donated to the Prospect Park Alliance for future clean up projects. 2. Prospect Park Alliance will also have Prospect Park Volunteers on site to help educate and guide us during this project. 3. The clean up will involve gathering 20 volunteers to pick up trash using the paddle boats at Prospect Park Lake.

why we're doing it

This project will address the trash clean up that is needed along the shoreline of the Prospect Park Lake.


Budget will rent the paddle boats being used to help clean up the lake. The Prospect Park Alliance has quoted the cost at $300 - they will also be providing trash bags, trash pickers and volunteers to educate the projects volunteers about the lake before the cleanup begins. - 10 paddle boats for 3 + hours - 20 trash pickers or more - trash bags This project will involve other donations received to try raise money for Prospect Park - all received donations will be given to the Prospect Park Alliance to help aid in future projects that will benefit the park.


Thanks For Helping Us Clean Up the Park!


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