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the project

We are in the implementation stages of offering 'bike trains' to school for students as an environmentally safe way for transport. It is led by trusted adults to and from the school. 

the steps

-Bike rack will be installed.

-We will continue encouraging students a reliable way to transport to and from campus. 

why we're doing it

We currently have a bike rack that was likely handmade and is not user-friendly to our small, elementary students. The bicycles often end up in a mess where the students have trouble untangling them. Offering a new bike rack would allow us to promote more environmentally friendly modes of transportation to our students. We have great bike trails nearby that are currently underutilized for this reason. 


Bike racks are typically between $399.99 -$700 (not including tax). 

We would like to purchase one that is easier for elementary students to use. 


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