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the project

Prolific Dance Series is devoted to bringing resources, opportunities, and a sustainable network for professional and aspiring commercial dancers in the Greater Cleveland area. July 1st - July 2nd we will bridge the gap between industry professionals and Cleveland dancers through unique dance intensives that will challenge and strengthen the individual dancer. 

The intensive will be split into two days. The first day the dancers will go through a rigorous 10 hour training and rehearsal schedule. Each choreographer will represent a specific genre and artist. Dancers will learn four routines and select their desired artist to audition for the audition. Judges will include industry choreographers, prolific board members, and guest casting agents. The Audition will serve two purposes. The top two dancers will receive an all-expense paid Dance Education Scholarship to New York City to train and network. Secondly, the dancers will be auditioning to dance in their selected artists’ recorded “live” performance. After the groups are announced, the dancers will finish the day in rehearsals. Every dancer will learn a short combined routine to record on day two as well. 

Day Two will center around the artists' recorded “live” performance. The Dancers will perform their learned choreography on camera for their “live” performance and combined routines. Once all the groups have finished performing, the winners of the Dance Education Scholarship will be announced. At the end of the intensive we would like to pay for ten headshots for selected participants who showed resilience and determination. 

In conclusion, the Prolific dance series is created to not only bridge the gap of resources and network, but to showcase the talent and potential of Cleveland dancers. 


the steps

We’ve taken the steps to contact the choreographers and are nailing down contracts with four industry professionals. We’ve formulated a sustainable budget to help the dancers gain experience at a lower cost. Lastly, we’ve done outreach research in the dance community in Cleveland that helped us produce this need.

why we're doing it

Cleveland is a city full of undiscovered talent yearning to be seen and nurtured. They want the opportunity to show themselves to the world on the same platform dancers from New York and LA are getting. Prolific was created to be that platform. This intensive will provide dancers with the same network, resources, and training that’s in every major city. In result this dance series will help strengthen the local Cleveland dance community which will help aid in a new era of dance in Cleveland.



ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $380
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Choreographers Teach - $2,800

Choreographers Flight - $1,500

Choreographers Airbnb - $1,000

Choreographers Food - $200

Studio Renting - $1500

Videographer - $1,000

Casting Agent - $100

T-shirtS - $300 

Scholarships - $700

Rental and Fuel - $300



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