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the project

This summer, Project: Youth World transforms $6,000 into a vibrant reality. We'll bring kids together for exciting basketball tournaments, unleash their creativity through park mural painting, and instill a sense of responsibility with community service projects. Imagine the joy of slam dunks echoing through laughter-filled courts, vibrant murals breathing life into green spaces, and young hands planting seeds for a brighter future. With your support, Project: Youth World empowers not just individuals, but builds a stronger, more connected community – one child, one brushstroke, one game at a time.

the steps

Project: Youth World Action Plan (June 26, 2024 - October 5, 2024)

Pre-Program (June 26 - July 12):

  • June 26: Secure park permits and painting supplies.
  • July 5: Launch marketing campaign (social media, flyers, community partnerships).
  • July 8: Partner with local sports organizations to finalize basketball tournament details.
  • July 10: Recruit and train volunteer team leaders.
  • July 12: Welcome meeting for participants and families, outlining program schedule and expectations.

Program Activities (July 15 - August 31):

  • Weekly:
    • Basketball Tournaments: Organized games and friendly competitions (Mondays & Wednesdays).
    • Park Beautification: Mural painting projects led by professional artists (Tuesdays & Thursdays).
    • Creative Workshops: Exploring crafts, music, and storytelling to express community values (Fridays).
    • Guest Speakers: Local leaders sharing their experiences in sports, art, and community service (Fridays).
  • Special Events:
    • July 20: Community BBQ and kick-off celebration.
    • August 10: Family Fun Day with games, activities, and food trucks.
    • August 31: Project showcase and closing ceremony, highlighting participant achievements.

Post-Program (September 1 - October 5):

  • September 1-15: Collect participant feedback and program evaluations.
  • September 20: Share program impact report with donors and community partners.
  • October 5: Organize volunteer clean-up day to maintain park murals and beautified spaces.

why we're doing it

While Project: Youth World offers exciting activities and summer fun, our heart lies in addressing real social, economic, and environmental challenges within our community. Here's how we aim to make a difference:

Social Impact:

  • Combating summer learning loss: Engaging kids in educational workshops and creative activities bridges the summer gap, preventing academic regression and fostering lifelong learning.
  • Building community spirit: Collaborative projects like park beautification and service initiatives nurture a sense of belonging and responsibility, strengthening the social fabric of our neighborhood.
  • Promoting inclusivity: Project: Youth World welcomes all, regardless of background or ability, fostering social inclusion and understanding among participants.

Economic Impact:

  • Boosting local businesses: Utilizing local parks, partnering with sports organizations, and featuring guest speakers create economic opportunities within the community.
  • Developing future leaders: By showcasing career paths and fostering entrepreneurial skills in workshops, we empower youth to contribute to the local economy in the future.
  • Breaking the cycle of poverty: Offering free programming and mentorship opportunities equips young people with skills and resources to break free from economic limitations.

Environmental Impact:

  • Green space revitalization: Park murals and clean-up projects beautify neighborhoods, fostering appreciation for green spaces and encouraging responsible environmental practices.
  • Sustainability education: Workshops on local environmental issues raise awareness and inspire participants to adopt eco-friendly habits.
  • Building environmentally conscious citizens: By nurturing a connection with nature and fostering responsible waste management, we lay the groundwork for a sustainable future.

Our team is driven by a deep-seated belief in the potential of our youth. We see beyond the summer fun and recognize the opportunity to empower them to become active citizens, responsible leaders, and environmental stewards. Project: Youth World isn't just about creating memories; it's about building a brighter future for our community, one passionate young leader at a time.


  • Basketball Jerseys: $1000
  • Referees: $1200
  • Autumn Bulbs (Tulips, Ice Follies, Parrenials): $500
  • Compost: $200
  • Movie Projector: $600
  • Park permits (4 months): $100
  • Accommodations (Water, Bandaids, Hand sanitizers, etc): $300
  • Brochures, Flyers, Social Media Awareness: $300
  • HP Printing Ink: $300
  • Canvases, Paint, and Tent: $500
  • Dodgeball Net & Ball: $100
  • Other Sporting Materials (Flag football, soccer, skate day): $1300
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee N/A $0.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee 4% $250.00
TOTAL TO RAISE $6,250.00
Donation processing fees apply to donations only. 100% of match funding goes to projects. Please note, fees are estimated here and final numbers may change based on the final amount raised and amount of match funding applied to this campaign.  



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