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the project

Volunteers are taught about Butterflies, Volunteers are given their own Butterfly Farm and rearing kit, They witness the caterpillar transform into a beautiful jade green chrysalis and later emerge as a butterfly! Butterflies are then released into various Community Gardens throughout the Bronx.

the steps

Volunteers will learn

Why raise butterflies?
Where to find caterpillars
Where to keep your caterpillars
What to feed your caterpillars
How to water your caterpillars
How to keep your caterpillar cage clean
Handling your caterpillars
Taking care of pupae (chrysalides or cocoons)
When your butterflies emerge

why we're doing it

This program will teach the community how to reintroduce Butterflies back into their community garden. Butterflies are important in the pollination of flowers.


15 Butterfly Farm Monarch rearing kit - $660 300 Monarch Butterfly eggs - $300 + Next Day Shipping $45.00 200 Butterfly weed - $200 Monarch Butterfly artificial diet - $40 Butterfly workshop - $500 Credit Card Processing (3%) - $52 ioby fee - $35 Total - $1832


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