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Today, two- thirds of families with children under 18 rely on both parents to work, with many putting in longer hrs. Demand for childcare is at an all-time high. For parents it's about taking part-time work. Just some of the trade-offs that parents are faced with. And those trade-offs are giving them less opportunities for promotions and raises. Affordable childcare is at once one of the most tantalizing promises of contemporary American Life, and it's also the most broken. We have forgotten about the nurturing of our youngest citizens. Early Childhood Education programs before the age of 5 is a critical period for brain- developed, which affects the lives of children yrs later. In preschool children will learn to strengthen their social and emotional development. Preschool provides an environment for children to explore, gain a sense of self, play with peers and build self- confidence. Making friendships during early child- development can have a positive effect on their social development later in life. Preschool is 'the most important year' in a childs' life. Preschool Scholars is an organization that gives scholarships to children that are enrolled in preschool. We provide financial assistance to pay for a childs' preschool fees for up to 3 mths. In addition, each child that receives a Preschool Scholar will also receive a $25 gift card to Barnes & Noble or Books-A-Million. This cause is so important especially at a time when this pandemic is hitting our parents and children the worst. We cannot afford to lose! That's 3 mths of financial assistance towards a childs'  preschool fees. A family can now get caught up on a bill, maybe the kids need new pants. That's more food on the table. This is my way of giving back! This is our way of giving back! I cannot do it alone! I need your help to make the difference! Every dollar makes a difference and your contribution is greatly appreciated and will have an impact on a childs' life.  The world that we are preparing today must always include their future tomorrow! ( All donations are tax- deductible)

the steps

Once Preschool Scholars have funding for our project, our first step is to have the media announce our new program. We plan to put ads in our local newspapers to help get our cause out there. By Jan 31, 2021 we will be letting  preschools and parents in our community know about our cause. We plan to host a small open house telling parents and  Educators about our cause as well as having parents sign up. We will also have an online page where parents can sign up online. Once we start receiving applications we will begin to provide each child with a Preschool Scholar which pays 3 months for their care.


why we're doing it

Childcare is not a personal issue, it's not a womens' issue; it's an economic issue. Children enrolled in preschool is proven to have fewer negative social effects, and less likely to have learning disabilities. Investing in our children that are apart of our community, making sure they get the right start is worth it. We have to invest in our children! For the sakes of our parents, but also for the next generation. We are making choices today about where we will be as an economy in 20 and 30 yrs from now based on what we do today with our kids. For us it's an honor to be apart of this journey and to help where it's mostly needed. For most families it's a blessing. A blessing that truly has a great impact. But for most children it's a gift. Preschool is their Safe Haven. A place where they can be themselves, a place where they're learning new things each and every day,  a place where they can meet friends, a place where they can make some decisions without the help of their parents. And a place where there is always that 1 Teacher that stands out from the rest. For me, her name was Ms. Johnson. As a little girl I didn't understand the arguments my parents was having, but it made me extremely sad. I could count on going to preschool playing with my friends, learning new things, and best of all Ms. Johnson. She made me feel safe and happy to be in her class. One day she gave me a certificate for being the best listener and it made me completely overjoyed. What you don't realize is, it's a lot of kids looking for a Ms. Johnson. Not being able to go to school until kindergarten. So they're home. Some hurting not understanding why their parents can't afford to pay for them to attend preschool. Let's Be Clear: Preschool is 'the most important year' in a childs' development. We can all do our part to make the difference in a childs' life. Helping our working parents and seeing the smiles on a childs' face when they receive a Preschool Scholar. It could have been their only smile they had all day. Knowing that you are the reason they're smiling, and knowing that you helped to make the difference is priceless!


Help us provide Preschool Scholars to 30 kids that are enrolled in preschool!

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