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Thank you note from PRC!

the project

Phoenix Revitalization Corporation is a Grassroots Community Development Corporation that primarily serves an area south of Downtown Phoenix known as Central City South (CCS). CCS is comprised of 13 neighborhoods, including the Grant Park Neighborhood.

Central City South Residents in partnership with PRC developed a Quality of Life Plan (QLP) addressing 8 strategies to make Central City South a more vibrant community. Health is one strategy residents identified as important for neighborhood improvement. Central City South is a food desert, has low walkability and a high rate of health issues relating to obesity and poor diet. Residents identified community gardens as an effective way to combat these health issues by providing an opportunity for exercise and access to healthy food.

We have been working to transform a vacant lot owned by PRC into a community garden, this will be the 7th resident run community garden to be established in the area. Currently, the six existing gardens are at capacity; therefore; the PRC Grant Park garden will provide plots for residents that have not had the opportunity to participate due to space and funding constraints. Last July many community partners came together to plant trees on the lot to provide shading for the future garden plots. Since then PRC has been seeking funding to construct enough raised bed garden plots on the lot to meet resident demand.

the steps

  1. Raise funds for garden construction supplies.
  2. Work with residents to establish a date for garden construction day.
  3. Invite volunteers and partners to come to our construction day using the Central City South Community Newsletter.
  4. Construction Day Event: Neighbors, Garden Club members and volunteers help construct garden beds, contribute to the public art project and enjoy a meal together.
  5. Grow! Grow! Grow!

why we're doing it

This project will address the following challenges in Central City South:

  1. Food Desert: Access to affordable fresh fruits and vegetables
  2. Health Disparities: Increased opportunity for physical activity to make residents healthier.
  3. Blight: CCS has a large number of vacant lots, this project will change a vacant lot into a vibrant community gathering place.
  4. Neighborhood Connectivity: In the QLP residents identified that in order for neighborhood change to be sustainable neighbors had to bring back the 'neighbor to neighbor' feeling that makes a community vibrant. The PRC Grant Park Community Garden will provide one more gathering place for neighbors to work together and socialize.


Fence Beatification Supplies $234

Garden Tools (hand tools, hoses, trash cans) $180.19


ioby Platform Fee  waived
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $12



Thank you note from PRC!


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