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the project

Sixth Sun is building a garden and outdoor classroom at an elementary school in Raleigh, North Carolina. The  Powell GT Magnet garden and outdoor classroom is an educational space and part of our initiative to create a local food system that is based on community empowerment through education.

The stakeholders of this project include teachers, administrators, parents, students, and neighbors, all of whom have been involved since the conception of this project.

The outcome will be a stimulating place for play, learning, and environmental education. We are creating a space where kids can learn about and interact with their food source. We also want to embed lessons on the importance of environmental stewardship, individual responsibility and impact. 

As this project succeeds it will act as a springboard to broader community interaction and involvement, including the potential of a community garden, more home gardens, demand of more local produce availability and community wide unification.  

the steps

  1. Conceptual Plan-complete
  2. Plan Development-complete
  3. Phased Master Plan-final meeting May 17th
  4. Construction ie planters, vegetable garden, stage-May 19th-August 1st
  5. Transition to school ownership-August 1st

why we're doing it

The Sixth Sun mission is to empower communities to secure their own food and energy sources.Our aim is to create a local food system that is community owned.

We are an organization dedicated to fundamentally addressing malnutrition and poverty. Sixth Sun promotes a sustainable, community-based lifestyle through hands-on education, long term support and innovative ideas specific to each community.

In community gardens we teach people to cultivate nutritious food for themselves, creating a systemic change in combating malnutrition and access issues in areas of low socioeconomic status.

By developing outdoor classrooms and curricula at local schools, K-12, we will extend the reach of our educational programs to children in the greater Raleigh area.

Through learning farms and online data sharing, we will launch workshops and provide the training necessary for people to create their​ own job opportunities while reconnecting with principles of ecology and self-reliance.


6 LG. Planters = $786
4 SM. Planters = $560
Tool Shed = $350
4 Rain Barrels = $400
11 YDS Fill Soil(50/50 Composite topsoil/compost) = $250
Vegetables(Planters) = $140
3 Pollinator Gardens = $300
1 LG Bucket of Wood Screws = $80
Project Total = $2,866

Third party credit card processing fee (3%) = $86
ioby materials and labor = $35

Total to raise = $2,987

Total raised = $250
Third party credit card processing (3%) = $7.28
Total disbursed to group = $242.72.


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