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the project

Portal City's first year was an experimental, expansive time of connecting the people of Wilmington and discovering the need for a platform of artist empowerment and community engagement. Now we are ready to take this project to the next level! 

The Project: Open up a mid-sized venue. Create an immersive experience and oasis of creativity and inspiration. Build a platform for artists to connect with the community through a collective open network, studio space, music / art events, community gatherings, workshops, retail space / coffee shop hang-out, and public art. 

This amazing opportunity with the Artist Lead! program will match the funds raised up to $15,000, making this big move feasible. This comes at a time when the future of Portal City needs it - due to noise ordinance issues preventing us from utilizing our space which we were quickly outgrowing, and the Coronavirus knocking back all efforts to raise money through events. However, this has lead us to start searching for a bigger, better space, and to organize a buisness plan that is sustainable and allows for local job creation, more interaction with the community, and for bigger dreams to come to live. 

the steps

  1. Secure the Space: Deposit & First month's rent, Work with the city to attain zoning and licensing - Upfit the space 
  2. Fundraiser event: Recruit volunteers, and Celebrate: Show our gratitude to those who have donated & raise money for equipment 
  3. Buy equipment for studios (Tables, shelving, Studio mic & software, DJ controller, computer with software (Adobe, Abelton, etc), Video Camera, Misc Art supplies) & Install Kiln outlet with kiln! 
  4. Build stage & set up lighting rig 
  5. Purchase supplies & set up the coffee shop / gallery space 
  6. Hire team: Retail / coffee, Security & door staff for events, Marketing, Magazine editorial team, Set up internship for UNCW / CFCC students, Find community outreach partners
  7. Rent out individual studio spaces, schedule our first events and workshops, grand opening ! 

why we're doing it

We are passionate about the importance of arts/music in the community, and the potential that they have on changing our world. 

Our mission is to empower artists to grow, experiment, and become entreprenuers and community developers. We aspire to become an example of collaborative support and to engage the community through thought-provoking and connecting experiences. 


Disbursed budget:

$1,455.71 Covid relief - We were short on rent during covid which that needs to be reimbursed as soon as possible in order for us to maintain our lease-

$400 due April Rent,

$400 due May Rent = 800 Total Music Studio Mic

$349 Kiln Outlet Installation

$250 56.71 remaining will go towards new Paint and canvases for a community Paint night once we re-open

TOTAL RAISED = $1,591.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $79.55
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $20.74

Original budget:

Deposit & 1 st month: 7,000  (Estimated - We are looking at a spot downtown Wilmington for 3500/month ~ this may change based on availability) 

Zoning and licensing fees: 425

Upfit space (install the second bathroom, fans, paint walls, etc) 2500

Stage, Lighting rig: 500

Tables, Shelving, Chairs, etc: 500

Art Studio Equipment (Kiln Outlet, Pottery wheel, Computer w/software, Photography backdrop & lighting, etc) : 3000

Music Studio Equipment (Studio Mic, DJ Controller, Video Camera): 4500

Coffee Shop Supplies (Cups, Stationary, Coffee & Kombucha supply, snacks, etc) 1000

Marketing 500 

If we surpass goal... better speaker equipment, more art studio supplies (such as sewing machines, more pottery wheels, paint & canvas for the community, etc)

*These are budget estimates*

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $1,089
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $653
TOTAL TO RAISE = $21,777


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  • Cierra D.
  • Kacie D.
  • Michael S.
  • Julia N.
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  • Al Calvi
  • Adrian R.
  • Roxy B.
  • Grandpa
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