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We did it! With last day to donate!

the project

Since 2011, PORCH has been experimenting with communal living, growing and loving in the Buckeye neighborhood.  PORCH stands for Possibilititarian Regenerative Community Homestead.  At its core, it is a place focused on exploring what is possible, and the question of how can we build community that is renewing and restoring.  How can we live on the land with deeper harmony and less of a negative impact?  

PORCH is the home to 5 people and each person's extended community.  Over the years, we have hosted numerous community workshops, potlucks, and gatherings at PORCH.  PORCH's electrical infrastructure supports all the indoor activities, as well as, the community garden, Possibilitarian Garden, adjacent to the building.  It takes a significant amount of energy to support this community and in an effort to become more sustainable, and transition away from energy that is destructive to the environment like energy generated from oil drilling and coal mining, we have been preparing to go solar for several years now.  Through a process of saving collective funds, receiving multiple quotes from local solar installation companies, to making necessary roof and structural repairs, we have been preparing PORCH for making the renewable leap!

Supporting this project will make a huge impact in micro and macro ways.  PORCH going solar will not only be able to generate renewable energy to supply the PORCH residents and extended community and garden, it will also be able to add renewable energy supplies into the local electrical grid, supporting Cleveland's transition.  The solar panels positioned up on the South aligned roof will also be a highly visible realization for the community of a more resilient future in action.  Finally, we will be taking significant steps for reducing our greenhouse gas waste, supporting the health and wellbeing of the local community and the global planet.  

the steps

August 1, 2018 - Begin installation of solar power system!

Fall 2018 - Celebrate completion of solar power system @ Possibilitarian Garden with community potluck & party, and solar power system tours!

why we're doing it

By transitioning our power uses to more than 93% renewable solar powered energy we will reduce our carbon footprint and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that comes from non-renewable energy sources and contributes to climate change.  Within a tulmultuous social, economic and environmental climate, moving towards solar power expands what people understand is possible and works to lead neighborhoods and communities in Cleveland towards increased resilience and self-sufficiency.  

Possibilitarian Garden, the community garden adjacent to and stewarded by residents of PORCH and surrounding community members, gets its energy from PORCH's infrastructure, and the further we create a renewable energy source at PORCH, the greater our capacity to increase the neighborhood's food security and access to fresh and organic fruits and vegetables.


Disbursed Budget 6.4.18

Rasied = $5,268.00
less ioby Platform Fee $35.00
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $242.27
less Payment Processing Fee (3%) $145.36
Total to disburse = $4,845.37

8 - Canadian Solar CS6-P260 Panels 

1 - SMA 3800TL-US Inverter

(4.16 KW system with an Estimated System Output of 4,992 kWh/Year, covering 93% of PORCH's electricity usage and generate 5 SRECs each year with a value of $250 annually.)


Original Budget

8 - Canadian Solar CS6-P260 Panels 

1 - SMA 3800TL-US Inverter

(4.16 KW system with an Estimated System Output of 4,992 kWh/Year, covering 93% of PORCH's electricity usage and generate 5 SRECs each year with a value of $250 annually.)

Total Cost = $5,000

Subtotal = 5,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $150
Total to raise = $5,185



We did it! With last day to donate!

Hi everyone!

It's the last day before our PORCH goes solar campaign ends, and it is looking like we have met our goal with the help of everyone's individual contributions being matched by a grant from Cleveland Climate Action Fund!!  Thank you to everyone for all your support on this project!

Every dime donated will be going towards a future with renewable energy!

Thank you for being the change you want to see in the world.

We are so very grateful and excited to get our solar panels set up and running in the next few months!  We will keep you posted.  :)


Thanks again!



PORCH project leader

More on why we're doing this...

First, I need to express deep gratitude to everyone who has donated thusfar to this project!  Thank you!  It means so much!

We have been committed for many years to building a sustainable community by growing more of our own organic food, living communally and sharing resources, caring for the earth, the soil and wildlife, and creating a collective space to learn more self-sufficient and sustainable living skills.  

I want to share some photos from some of the community workshops and events we've had in the past to give a better sense of all the energy that has flowed through the space. Any contribution you make supports to the community work that has been done, and will continue to be done in the future.  Thanks again for your support!!

-Diana, Project Leader

Kilindi Iyi leading our 1st Mushroom Cultivation Workshop 


The late Kai Wingo leading an advanced mushroom growing workshop on the first floor.

Soil biology workshop with microscopes and outdoor classroom set up out in the garden.

Jocelyn Kirkwood leading an Herbal Medicine workshop on the second floor.



This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


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