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the project

The downtown Howell Pop-Up Parks project looks to create temporary, fun and flexible mobile community gathering spaces throughout the downtown district. This project was designed to engage families and the youth of our community, who often don't have a lot of options when it comes to public green spaces to play and relax in the downtown district. These parks will feature a various elements based on the space's needs including a mobile temporary green space, outdoor seating options, games, building pieces for kids to use their imagination and create! 

These pop-up parks will initially be created to tie into popular events/activities such as music and foodie festivals around downtown. In the long run, we hope to see the Pop-Up Park project serve as a leader in developing real-estate and creating a "sense of place" as the community and state-wide developers will have the opportunity to re-imagine uses for underutilized space(s) in the d owntown district while driving positive interactions with these community spaces.


the steps

December 29, 2017: Thank community for it's support and announce funding level reached via various media outlets!
January 2, 2018: Begin coordinating design and plan of green space and seating options
January 31, 2018: Order seating options and temporary green space.
January-March: Send out thank you's and work on recognition of donors who suported the Pop-Up Parks project
February 1-March 16: Purchase blocks, games, and other "play" materials for Pop-Up Parks
February-March: Coordinate Pop-Up Park sites with city staff and any necessary property owners/businesses for approval
April 1-June 6: Media promotion of launch of Pop-Up Parks
April 1-June 6: Launch first Pop-Up Park
April-September: Invite community through promotions to enjoy the Pop-Up Parks all spring/summer long
June 6-September 29: Continue to host various Pop-Up Park sites throughout downtown

why we're doing it

Downtown Howell is a beautiful historic town with a strong sense of community.  However, public community gathering spaces are few and far between, as we do not have a lot of parks or comfortable outdoor seating/space options located within the central business district for individuals as well as families to have a picnic, play, enjoy live outdoor music, and more. The temporary moveable Pop-Up Parks will create outdoor gathering places for all ages to enjoy. 

Tying these parks, and other placemaking efforts, into existing events will only add further value to the community, participating businesses and donors, making downtown Howell and even greater place to live, work, play & stay! We have already seen a broad connection between placemaking and economic development. The pop-up park will only strengthen that connection and continue to positively position and strengthen the sense of community and family-friendliness that downtown Howell offers.


Disbursed Budget
Raised = $9,575.00
less ioby Platform Fee $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $277.86
Total to Disburse = $9,262.14
Original Budget
Giant Foam Building Block Set $40 
Giant Outdoor Game $236.99 
Flying Green Carpet (Mobile Temporary Green Space $5,000 
Electrical Panel $100 
Portable Seating/Area $1,191 
Subtotal = $6,568
ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $197
Total to raise = $6,800



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