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Healthy, sustainable! Move over wheat, move over corn, the superfood ingredient is here. We’re talking hemp. Hemp’s not just another delicious snack, it's about the best thing you can eat for a healthy body.

Hemp makes you STRONG! With more protein than meat, eggs, milk or any other high protein food, it's your one stop crop for getting tough and buff!

Hemp makes you HOT! The abundant antioxidants and rich vitamins will keep your skin and hair moisturized and beautiful.

Hemp makes you HAPPY! Lower blood pressure and reduced p.m.s. symptoms from hemp's nutrients help keep you in a good mood!

Hemp makes you HEALTHY! Hemp is great for weight loss!

Among so many other health benefits, you can't afford not to eat it!

Lady Jane Gourmet Seed Co is a Michigan, artisan, gluten free food manufacture that uses hemp seeds as the main ingredient in all products. We’re family owned and operated. Our delicious line of exclusive, nutritious, proprietary mixes are shelf stable, non-gmo, dietary flexible and easy to eat.

Lady Jane’s mission it to provide better access to more healthful food choices. Let’s face it, many foods on store shelves boasting of being healthy are not; simply put, they’re crap! Not hemp.

Hemp seeds provide maximum nutrition with minimum consumption. The seed is packed with an impressive supply of vitamins and minerals, a complete protein carry 20 amino acids, including the 9-essential, and a balance omega profile. Come on America, let's #EatSomeHemp

the steps

Our products are unique. Lady Jane Gourmet Seed Co is an emerging brand in an emerging market. Our goal is to be well known, respected, and loved. It’s not just about building our brand, its about building consciousness and educating people on the sustainability and nutrition in hemp.

We’re a part of the industrial hemp revolution. We want people to have better access to healthful food choices, which makes a difference in our communities.

We've reached out to some of our current retailers about the POP displays. Many have expressed interest in having them in their stores. Once we have the displays, we will reach out to those retailers and get them out to their locations as soon as possible. Next we will work to cultivate more interest by making more sales calls to work on new customers for selling our products.


why we're doing it

Many good folks simply don’t know about the nutritional benefits of eating hemp. Michigan has one of the highest obesity rates in the nation; and it’s costing us billions; from healthcare costs to poor workforce efforts due to illness and children who are not provided with good nutrition.

Hemp’s nutrition combats obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, inflammatory disorders, and other malnutrition disorders. Hemp seeds can fight child hunger.

The industrial hemp plant is plant of empowerment. The magic of the hemp plant is not limited to its outstanding food source, all parts of the plant are useful in providing the raw materials for tens of thousands of sustainable products; paper, fabric, fiber, building materials; even fuel. Anything made of plastic or styrofoam can be made from the hemp plant. It’s strong, biodegradable and has a negative carbon footprint.

Numerous manufacturing possibilities exist using the hemp plant. In the 1930s Henry Ford built an automobile from hemp plant composites and he fueled it with hemp oil. It’s a sustainable agriculture commodity and Michigan farmers should be growing hemp like Kentucky and Minnesota so it allows for cost effective hemp based product manufacturing.  

Our biggest challenge is ignorance. People need to take notice to what hemp can do for our economy, our earth and for our own health. There’s thousands of products on store shelves and competing with products on those shelves to be seen is a challenge in itself. This POP display will bring notice to hemp.


Disbursed budget (as of 5.4.17):

RAISED = $3,200.00
 less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $92.18

Original Budget:

We need $5,983.60 (before ioby fees, see below).

We have 2 floor displays laid out for production. One is a tilt back design and the other is a straight back tower design. The tilt back allows for better view of the product on the lower shelves, but it takes up more of a footprint on in a store than the tower display. Both displays are useful for different applications. Product costs of the display are reduced via the quantities being ordered.

We would like to purchase 28 tilt back displays at a cost of $104.10 (at 26 units we reach a 4th level price break in unit cost)
We would like purchase 32 tower display units at a cost of $103.00 (at 26 units we reach a 4th level price break in unit cost)

Project subtotal = 5,984
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $180
Total to raise on ioby = $6,198



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