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The Bronx (Hunts Point )
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the project

POP blog is an online zine created by and made for young women of color. The W.O.M.E.N.'s group, which stands for Where Our Minds Empower Needs, chose POP as their social justice campaign of the 2011-2012 school year. At THE POINT CDC, where we are housed, it was such a success we wanted to share it with the world and create a media presence for young women of color in The Bronx. After all, there are some progressive things happening!  

We believe in a holistic approach to women's health. Not only do we believe in a physically healthy self, but also in an emotionally healthy self. We also understand how big of an influence media is, especially for young women of color, and how that has stifled our growth. We decided that we will develop our media tools to fight back oppressive images and talk about women of color in a more positive, complex, and real manner.

Some of our online influences are The Crunk Feminist Collective, Shelby Knox, Feministing, etc. The difference is that we are young women of color writing about feminism through our perspective.

Check out this awesome video, featuring the wonderful women behind POP blog!

the steps

We need to fundraise in order to complete The Green Workers Cooperative program. Through this program, we will develop the business model of POP, create the website, and make POP an interactive zine for young women.

why we're doing it

POP is necessary because it addresses the well-being of young women of color. We need a safe space online to talk about issues and address current events. We love pink and do our nails, too, but POP understands that there is more to young women than what she looks like. With the "War on Women" in government and our lack of representation in positions of power, POP provides us with the online space to shift power to the people who are being affected by unjust, sexist politics. We will appropriate our image and use humor to talk about issues most pressing to us!


Hey Sisters - congrats on your new group! My office is right around the corner so lmk if you'd like me to stop by for a talk or a presentation + I'd live to get your feedback & suggestions on some local real estate developments I am putting together. Good luck! Majora


1500- Green Workers Cooperative program 


  • Buy/Manage the website
  • Guest bloggers
  • Proivde prizes for contests
  • Create merchandizing for the blog

Third party credit card processing (3%) = $90
ioby materials and labor = $35

Total to raise = $3,125

RAISED = $3,125
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $90



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  • Donald T K.
  • Laura M.
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  • Elizabeth H.
  • Majora C.
  • Kathleen Q.
  • Lenina N.
  • Jessica P.
  • Dennis K.
  • Fay P.
  • Barbara S A.
  • Andrea D.
  • Damian G.
  • Corina M.
  • Christine P.
  • Emily L.
  • Adam L.
  • Sarahh S.
  • Samuel R.
  • Cameron R.
  • Xiomara L.
  • Ryan S.
  • Anne J.
  • Elizabeth L.
  • Fabiola C.
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  • Marcelle B.
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  • Rossemary G.
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