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Mike's PIzza March 24 Meeting is Cancelled, no outside meeting. Stay 6 feet away, have a Great day !

the project

This project aims to install pollinator friendly plants in parks, open space, school yards and backyards.  David Carr, on behalf of is seeking broad support from the community, asking residents, local businesses, and other organizations to suggest locations, donate money and volunteer time to make the project a reality.

Here is more information about pollinators in this statewide project to improve our community

This tells you about our regional team

People who donate will have a say in where the plants are installed, so we seek community based organizations and local businesses to get involved. Raisng money is the first step.  We hope to have sponsors of food and entertainment to host community planting party in May 2020  where people will come pick up their plants and have some fun! 

“Communities that are health and recreation focused, bikeable, walkable with a commitment to open space and quality parks will have a bright future, especially being so close to MetroNorth, Yale and the beach” says David Carr, an Inland Wetlands Watercourse Commissioner appointed continuously since 1999.

the steps

The first step is meeting people who are interested and making donations happen to achieve our $5000 goal. 

On March 14 we have 12% / $630


Lead Organizer Measurable Actions: (1) sending / posting press releases  (2)  meeting people from the schools on Feb 25,  (3) meeting people from the garden club on March 9 and (4) meeting people from  public works / B.O.E./ mayors office on Jan.17  (5) spoke at City Council on February 24 and held up the pollinator pathway website for the video which is posted on facebook, (6) maintain and update Facebook page, (7) post this fundraising page in WH F.B. group comment theads  (8) maintain IOBY site  (9) answer email and phone calls.



1) WILL BE RESCHEDULED --- March 21 Plant Swap at   Harugari German-American Club  66 Highland St, West Haven, Connecticut 06516

2)  WILL BE A VIRTUAL / CALL IN  MEETING  March 23    5:15 - 6:30   111 Campbell Ave West Haven   RSVP 934-4933 after 4pm  


After we raise the $10,000 the process is as follows 

1) Decide which plants to buy from who. We are seeking the best quality and value.  Here ar some examples of plant distributors we can team with$25207$25207


--- Our Local Garden Supply Sponsors


2) Decide where the plants will be installed based on who contributes.

3) Buy Plants, 

4) Install Plants at the community planting party. 

5) Water the plants weekly as needed,

6) Maintain gardens 2 x /month as needed,

7) Have a monthly Happy Hour Meeting at Prospect Beach on the 4th Friday 

8) Harvest seeds in the fall.

9) Split the plants in the spring when possible and plant harvested seeds, maybe have another fundraising event. 

why we're doing it

Because the worlds needs more places for pollinators, and communties need more events that bring people together to meet other people who care about making things better.   See the Pollinator Pathway Video here


We will buy $10,000 worth of wholesale pollinator supporting perennial plants.

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)
TOTAL TO RAISE = $10,391
Please note: ioby fees are estimated and will be calculated based on totals at the end of the campaign.  


Mike's PIzza March 24 Meeting is Cancelled, no outside meeting. Stay 6 feet away, have a Great day !


March 24 Meeting at Mikes Pizza will be MOVED OUTSIDE at the Old Grove Picnic Tables with delivery of Pizza as needed

 March 24 Meeting at Mikes Pizza will be MOVED OUTSIDE at the Old Grove Picnic Tables with delivery of Pizza as needed 

Stay six feet away, have a great day :) 

March 21 Plant Swap will be rescheduled

March 21 Plant Swap will be rescheduled 

March 14 -- we have raised $630 -- March Schedule

As of March 14 we have raised $630 which is 12% of our goal. 

March 21 is the Plant Swap

March 24 Is the Next meeting at Mikes Pizza  5:15 - 6:30 

RSVP  (203) 934-4933           111 Campbell Ave


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